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Protect Your Interior Decorating and Design Business with Nationwide Insurance

Your clients want spaces that convey their individual tastes and styles. Your job is to bring their dreams to life with fabrics, furniture, paint and lighting. Their living and working environments are in your hands because they trust you.

Make sure you’re always there for them by choosing an insurance partner of your own. Whether you own your building or lease a studio space, Nationwide can help you with interior decorator business insurance policies to help meet your needs. Because while it’s never fun to think about risks to your business, they do exist.

Nationwide offers insurance for a range of interior design firms that plan, design and manage a wide variety of projects. We provide coverage for decorators specializing in private homes, offices, restaurants, shopping malls, corporate establishments and others.

Is a BOP the right solution for your business?

A businessowners policy, also known as a BOP, combines property insurance, liability insurance and other common coverages into one convenient package.

Commercial Property

Protect your building and its contents in the case of a loss due to fire, a burst water pipe or other covered event at your business.

Liability Insurance 

Protect your business when your employees, products or services cause harm to other people or their property.

Business Income Coverage

Cover losses that occur when work is interrupted or your office is closed temporarily due to a covered loss at your business.


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Utility services coverage

Employee dishonesty coverage

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