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Online Banking FAQs

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Am I able to view my statements online?

Yes. You can view, print and archive up to 24 months of past statements. To receive a copy by mail, call Customer Care at 1-877-422-6569, 8 a.m. - 8 p.m. ET weekdays. We may assess a small fee for mailed statements.

How many months of transaction history can I view?

Your transaction history builds day by day from the date of enrollment. It holds three months of recent account activity.

I’ve received an email from Nationwide Bank but I cannot see any images. Is there a problem?

This appears to be an issue with the latest version of Apple's OS X and it's accompanying email client. There are trouble shooting tips available in the support section of Apple's website. Should you continue to have problems, please call our Customer Care Center at 1-877-422-6569, M-F 8 am - 8 pm EST.

I’m having trouble logging into my account. What’s going on?

Pop-ups are a common cause for difficulty with logging in. Most web browsers let you block annoying pop-ups. But online banks and credit cards companies use pop-ups to help customers manage their accounts. If you're having trouble, please disable your pop-up blocker so you can log in.

Instructions for disabling the pop-up blocker vary by web browser and toolbar. For Internet Explorer, for example, you would select the Tools > Pop-Up Blocker > Turn Off Pop-Up Blocker. For Firefox toolbar, click the Open Menu > Options > Content > Uncheck Block pop-up window.

For Yahoo toolbar, look for the pop-up blocker icon, which is an image of a webpage with a shield in front of it. Click the tiny arrow next to the icon to display the menu. If there is a checkmark next to Enable Pop-Up Blocker, click it to make the checkmark disappear.

Can I nickname my accounts?

Yes. Log in to online banking and select "Account Services" and "Account Names" from the main menu.

Can I download my banking information into financial management software?

Yes. You can download your account information to view it in Money, Quickbooks or Quicken. After logging in to online banking, select "Account Services" and then "Download Account Activity" from the main menu. Choose Money, Quickbooks or Quicken from the “Format Type” dropdown menu.

What do I need to open a trust account?

A trust account allows one person to manage an account on behalf of another. To open a trust account, please call 1-877-422-6569 or fax your information to us at 1-800-816-9170.

Please have this information handy when you call:

It’s important to note that as a result of an FDIC rule, almost any beneficiary can qualify for beneficiary coverage. Depositors can designate a friend, life partner or relative outside of the immediate family group. This FDIC rule also covers beneficiaries that are charitable organizations or nonprofit entities recognized under the Internal Revenue Code.

Bill pay

Can I send a bill payment outside the United States?

No. Individuals or businesses outside the United States are not eligible for bill payment.

Can I cancel or place a stop payment on a bill payment?

Yes. If the payment has not yet been processed or the paper check has not yet posted to the checking account, you can modify or cancel the payment. To cancel a payment, go to the “Make Payments” screen and click “Cancel” next to the appropriate payment in the “Pending Payments” section.

Is there a cutoff time to ensure my bill payment will be sent on time?

With the Expedited Payments feature, you have the flexibility to send electronic payments the same day, or to send a check overnight. Bill payment requests made before 3 p.m. ET are processed the same day the request is made. To get started, click “Bills & Payments,” then “Expedited Payment.”

Can I pay bills from multiple accounts?

Yes. If you have more than one checking account, you can pay your bills from whichever one you choose. From the “Pay Bills” screen, click the arrow next to “Pay From Account” and a dropdown menu will appear with the additional funding accounts that are available.

What are the minimum and maximum amounts for bill payments?

Bill payments must be for at least $1 and cannot exceed $10,000 for a single payment. There is also a maximum of $20,000 a day per bill pay user. However, a separate and lower limit for expedited payments would apply.

Debit card

What’s the difference between using my debit card as a credit card and using it at an ATM?

When you use your Visa debit card for purchases at a merchant featuring the Visa logo, you don’t need to provide a personal identification number (PIN). An ATM or direct debit point-of-sale transaction requires a PIN.

Can I use my debit card while traveling abroad?

Please notify us before you travel abroad to temporarily authorize your card where allowed by law. (Certain restrictions may apply.) To combat an increase in international counterfeit credit cards, we’ve blocked the use of our checking Visa debit card and ATM cards in Cuba, Iran, Sudan and Syria.

My debit card is getting ready to expire. Is it still valid? When will I receive a new one?

Your card is valid through the end of the expiration month listed on the card. For example, a card that expires June 2017 is valid through June 30, 2017. Your new card will be sent to you within the last two weeks of the expiration month.

What if my debit or ATM card is lost or stolen?

Call us immediately at 1-877-422-6569 weekdays, 8 a.m. - 8 p.m. After hours, call 1-866-692-9366.


What is a non-Nationwide ATM?

Any ATM we don’t own or operate. To find a Nationwide ATM, visit our ATM locator page.

Can I get an ATM card for my savings account?

Yes. To request an ATM card for your account, send us an email from the Message Center in online banking or call 1-877-422-6569, 8 a.m. – 8 p.m. ET weekdays.

Direct deposit

How do I set up direct deposit of my Social Security check?

Call the Social Security Administration at 1-800-772-1213. You’ll need to provide your Social Security number, account number, routing number (044072324) and transit number.

Learn more about setting up Direct Deposit services from Nationwide Bank.

Money transfer

Are there limits to the number of transfers I can make?

For savings and money market accounts, you can make an unlimited number of withdrawals at an ATM or branch. However, you’re limited to six preauthorized check, telephone or online transfer debits out of your account per monthly statement period. For more information, see our terms and conditions.

Can I schedule a future transfer or set up recurring transfers?

Yes. You can have your funds transfer processed immediately or on a future date.

Can I transfer funds from another bank account into my Nationwide account?

Yes. You will be required to complete a one-time verification that you own the other account before transferring funds. Learn more with this helpful video about transferring funds with Nationwide Bank.

Phone banking

What functions can I perform with phone banking?

You can use our 24-hour phone banking to:

What do I need in order to use 24-hour phone banking?

You'll need your Social Security number and PIN. If you opened your account online, you created your PIN as part of the application process. If you don’t know your PIN or need to create one, a Customer Care representative can help.

Can I access my account over the phone?

Yes. You can access your bank accounts over the phone 24/7. Just call 1-877-422-6569.

Can I bank using my mobile device?

Yes, you can bank by mobile app, your mobile web browser, or by SMS/Text. Go to Mobile Banking for additional information. 

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