travel insurance faq

Before you decide how much travel insurance you need – if you think you need any at all – it’s important to have all the facts. Making the wrong assumption could be costly. Get answers to common questions people have when considering whether or not to buy trip insurance below.  

Do credit cards include travel insurance?

Yes and no. Some credit cards provide limited coverage, with annual limits and restrictions for cancellations and interruptions (if they offer cancellation/interruption coverage at all). However, few credit cards offers coverage for the most expensive travel risks: medical expenses or emergency evacuations.

Does health insurance coverage travel overseas?

Not usually. Most health insurance plans don’t provide full coverage in foreign countries. Some health plans provide no coverage at all, including Medicare.

Do cruise lines and resorts give refunds?

Chances are, no. Very few cruise lines and resorts will give you a full refund. If you cancel two weeks or more before your trip, most resorts will at least charge a cancellation fee; many cruise lines might only give you a 25% refund, or will give you partial credit on another cruise. With most companies you wont be given any refund whatsoever.

Do airlines pay for lost luggage?

Only with great difficulty. In the United States, the Department of Transportation (DOT) requires airlines to compensate fliers up to $3,300 for lost baggage. In foreign countries that amount is a maximum of $1,750. But to receive those maximum amounts, passengers have to provide receipts proving the value of the lost bags and their contents. And some airlines require that the claim be filed within 21 days. 

To make matter worse, DOT doesn’t define when baggage is officially lost (as opposed to just “delayed”). Overseas, a bag is only considered “lost” after 21 days. For delayed bags, DOT only requires airlines to provide victims with enough money to buy basic necessities like clothing, medicine and toiletries.

Can I buy travel insurance online?

Many travel insurance providers allow you to purchase travel insurance policies online, whether it’s for a single trip or annual (multi-trip) travel coverage. Getting a travel insurance quote only takes a few minutes and the coverage should be purchased as soon as you’ve booked your trip. 


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