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Consider price along with these additional factors

It's important to shop around when you're looking at car insurance policies. While it may be tempting to simply go with the lowest auto insurance quote you find, there are other important things to consider. It's smart to look at everything an insurer offers, such as discounts, options, benefits and claims services. Insurance is a major purchase – and making an apples-to-apples comparison can make a big difference over the long run.

1. Money-saving discounts and options to lower your car insurance quotes

As you search for the lowest car insurance quotes, make sure you're aware of every discount available to you. For example, you might get a price break if you:

2. Helpful upgrades

Find out if your policy can be customized with different options to suit your budget and needs. These helpful, affordable options may include:

3. Outstanding claims and repairs

As you evaluate the lowest auto insurance quotes, see if the companies offer options such as Nationwide On Your Side® Claims Service. This industry-leading benefit provides policyholders with a written guarantee on repairs, a choice of pre-screened car repair shops and access to Nationwide® AutoWatch®, a unique online service that sends you repair updates and even lets you view your car’s progress in the shop.

4. Enhanced customer service

As you think about the lowest auto insurance quotes, make sure the policies you compare include these important benefits:

5. Positive reviews

Finally, find out how well each company is regarded by reading what their customers say. Nationwide ranks high in customer satisfaction, and we're proud to have customers post their opinions online. Read the auto insurance reviews to get the full picture.

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