E-Billing Information for Medical Providers

Important Information About Electronic Billing for Workers Compensation Claims

If you are a medical provider seeking e-billing information for a Workers Compensation claim, please note the following information below:

Clearing house contact and payer ID

AMCO Ins Co J1550
Allied Property & Casualty Ins Co J1550
Depositors Ins Co J1550
Crestbrook Insurance Company J1550
Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company J1552
Nationwide Mutual Fire Co J1552
Nationwide Property & Casualty Inc Co J1552
Nationwide Affinity Ins Co of America J1552
Nationwide Ins Co of America J1552
Nationwide Agribusiness J1551
National Casualty Company J1551

Obtaining a Payer ID

To obtain an insurance carrier Payer ID, contact Jopari or visit jopari.com.

For more information

Please contact the following representatives if you have questions about electronic transactions:

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