Mobile Banking

Manage your Nationwide bank account from anywhere with Mobile Banking

Mobile banking gives you ways to access your Nationwide bank accounts online – by mobile app and SMS/text. It’s an easy – and secure – way to stay connected to your finances. And, with mobile deposit, transfer and bill pay features available on the downloadable bank app, you can remotely deposit checks and manage your accounts right from your mobile phone or tablet.

Bank by mobile app

To begin mobile banking, simply download the application for your mobile phone or tablet from either the Google or Apple store. With mobile banking you can:

Mobile Banking


Instantly check your balances and view transactional history.


Transfer money between Nationwide bank accounts and your external accounts.


Manage and pay your upcoming bills and pay or request money from your friends and family.


Deposit a check from your device and see the status of all pending and approved mobile deposits.


Search for free ATMs near you, log out, change settings of Touch ID and Instant Balance and more.

Bank by SMS/text message

You also can do some basic banking with text messaging through mobile banking.  You will be able to view your transactional history, account balance and nearby ATM locations. Follow the steps below to activate text banking:

  1. Log in to your online banking account
  2. Select “Mobile” in the upper right corner
  3. Enter your phone number to receive an activation code
  4. Establish your account nicknames in “My Accounts” to make it easier to request your account history

Below is a list of commands for text banking:

Command Code Definition
Balance BAL or Balance Balance request for all accounts
History HIST (Account Nickname) History for an account
Command C List of text banking commands
Help HELP Help for text banking
ATM Location ATM + Zip Code Find nearby ATMs by Zip Code
Stop S Stop Mobile Banking texts and alerts

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