Mortgage Term Comparison calculator
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Compare 15 year and 30 year mortgage terms to decide which is right for you

Mortgage term calculator

Trying to decide whether a 15-year or 30-year mortgage loan is right for you? With a 15-year mortgage loan, you’d have higher monthly payments, but you’d pay less interest. A 30-year mortgage loan would mean lower monthly payments, but you’d pay more in interest and an overall higher amount in the long run.

Our calculator helps you compare these two mortgage terms. Give it a try below, and see which term is right for your particular needs:

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Now that you know which loan is right for you, take advantage of a home mortgage loan with Nationwide Bank®. We offer competitive interest rates for fixed, adjustable and jumbo mortgage loans – with a variety of terms to suit your needs.

We also offer options to refinance your loan. If you’ve got a 30-year mortgage and decide to refinance to a 15-year, you could reduce your loan term and the amount paid toward interest. Our refinancing fees are very reasonable.

Mortgage comparison terms & definitions

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