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How to find the right motorcycle helmet for you

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When it comes to motorcycle safety, it’s important for riders to know the rules of the road and to understand safety measures, like how to make themselves more visible to other drivers on the road. It’s also important that motorcyclists invest in the right safety gear. That means knowing what to look for, especially when it comes to understanding the different types of motorcycle helmets.

You likely spent time conducting research on the bike you've always wanted. It's just as important to do the same with a motorcycle helmet. There are a lot of factors to consider when making this worthwhile purchase, and our motorcycle helmet buying guide is meant to help alleviate some of the stress of deciding on the right helmet for you.

Understanding what your motorcycle will be used for

Finding the right motorcycle helmet for your specific needs involves knowing what kind of riding you’ll be doing, how much time you’ll be spending on your motorcycle and how much your helmet budget is. There are three very different types of motorcycle riding, and all three have separate features that are worth considering when selecting the right helmet for you:

Commuting and weekend getaway riding

If you are going to be using your motorcycle for everyday use, a helmet that is both versatile and helps reduce wind noise would be ideal.

Biking with friends

Riding alongside your friends is fun, especially when you can communicate on the road. If you’re going to do most of your riding in a group with friends, a motorcycle helmet with a built-in communications system that allows you to talk to one another might be a worthy investment.

Motorcycle racing

If you’re interested in taking your bike to the track for some weekend racing, you may be required to get a high-performance helmet. These helmets focus on aggressive riders, who require a very different type of bodily protection on the road.

Motorcycle helmet ratings

After you know which type of motorcycle riding you will be doing with your new bike and helmet, the next feature to focus on is the type of safety standards your specific motorcycle helmet will need to meet. Each of these standards rate helmets on different aspects.

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