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Timely Conversation Topics

Make the most of the next meeting with your financial advisor.

Each quarter, the Nationwide Retirement InstituteSM provides information you can use to fuel meaningful discussions with your financial advisor.

These timely conversation topic pieces break down and simplify the current market and economic forces that impact investment portfolio performance. Bringing together the expertise of Nationwide's staff of economists and analysts, this resource includes charts and commentary designed to be part of your planning conversations.

Here is our perspective on the market and economic topics currently influencing investment planning and retirement:

Inflation threat: real or exaggerated?

The modest rise in inflation we’re seeing is normal in late expansion and should have little impact on market valuations.

Volatility returns, fundamentals remain strong

The market pullback in early February shouldn’t cause alarm — pullbacks and corrections can be short-lived in a bull market.

2018 Outlook: Robust economic growth and earnings expected to continue

Additional gains may be possible next year as global business activity and corporate earnings rise.

Tax reform could lift small caps, manufacturers and capital expenditure

If major corporate changes survive, the investment environment may improve in the short run.

Fundamentals improve, but keep an eye on these headlines

Potential economic and political events may affect the market’s current trend.

Global economies get ready to run

Many countries around the world are much earlier in the expansion phase and have more room to grow.

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