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Timely Conversation Topics

Make the most of the next meeting with your financial advisor.

Each quarter, the Nationwide Retirement InstituteSM provides information you can use to fuel meaningful discussions with your financial advisor.

These timely conversation topic pieces break down and simplify the current market and economic forces that impact investment portfolio performance. Bringing together the expertise of Nationwide's staff of economists and analysts, this resource includes charts and commentary designed to be part of your planning conversations.

Here is our perspective on the market and economic topics currently influencing investment planning and retirement:

Markets look abroad for opportunities

The improving outlook creates opportunities to review international allocations.

Staying focused as interest rates rise 

With bond investments, it’s often important to stick to a long-term strategy.

What's coming for tax reform under Trump 

These changes could mean wide-ranging effects for investors.

A look at the market’s "state of the union" 

Continued economic expansion brightens the outlook for stocks.

Renewed optimism sets the stage for 2017 

After an emotional year, investors refocus on the fundamentals.

Markets refocus on the fundamentals 

After the election, the improving U.S. economy returns to view.

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