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We Stand For You®. We Always Have.

From the day commercial agribusiness insurance operations were created by farm and cooperative leaders in 1909, our focus has been protecting and sustaining agriculture.

Our company was started to help protect against devastating elevator fires where damages and loss could cause financial pain that rippled through agricultural and rural communities.

Over a century of support

While working with farmers, ranchers and agribusiness owners for over 100 years, we developed a deep respect for their knowledge, commitment and resilience in the face of all obstacles. You can't help but get caught up in the passion and the lifestyle. And we did.

Over a century, Nationwide’s commercial operations learned from agriculture's hard-working people. We learned that prevention saves both dollars and heartaches. We learned that small changes could make a big difference to a farm's or an agribusiness’ safety and profitability. We discovered we shared the same values and commitment toward the agricultural lifestyle. We aren't as interested in transactions as we are in developing long term, trusting relationships where we can learn about, and help, each other.

Nationwide has also watched agriculture change: new technologies, new practices, bigger equipment and better ways to grow safe, nutritious food for an expanding world. We've watched people become deeply interested in where their food comes from and overwhelmingly support farmers, ranchers and agribusinesses. Farms and agribusinesses face increasing pressures: government regulations, more liabilities and litigation, environmental issues and public opinion often influenced by people and organizations that don’t necessarily know agriculture.

All the while, we've supported you. Through good times and bad, through drought and abundance – we've been there – standing with you, your family, your farms, ranches and agribusinesses.

Now we take that support to a new level. We want the country to understand who we stand beside, and why. We Stand For You.

We also stand for:

Shared values

We want to know what you and your operation believe in, too, so we can help tell the story about who and what 21st century agriculture is, what you're accomplishing and why it's so important. That's why we launched an interactive website to gather your stories.

Nationwide is promoting and advocating for agriculture using national advertising, online and social media. It isn't just an advertising campaign. "We Stand For You" is an opportunity for us to show what we believe in and support. We want everyone to know: We Stand For You!

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