Linking and Content Use Policy

Linking to and Using Content Found on

Please review the frequently asked questions below regarding linking to and using content on

Do I need permission to link to

You do not need prior approval to link to the home page or to any internal page on the site. However, links to should conform to guidelines published by search engines, e.g. Google Webmaster Guidelines, Bing Webmaster Guidelines.

Which URL should I use when linking to a page on

Use the URL that appears within your browser’s address bar when linking to a page on

May I mirror a article or post it on my website?

Prior written permission is required to mirror or post any content item that appears on

May I link to pages within a frame on my site?

If the page you are linking to opens in a frame, it may seem as though the content is part of your website. This practice is prohibited by the Terms & Conditions for When you link to content, only the URL to should be visible in the address bar.

May I use the logo on my website?

Permission is required from Nationwide to use any logos, images or icons found on

May I send article links to my subscribers via e-mail?

You are free to send article links to your subscribers via e-mail unless it is a paid subscriber list. In this case, prior approval is required.

How can I get a reciprocal link from to my website? does not offer reciprocal links to other websites unless they are genuinely related to the story or the company or organization is a licensed partner. Linking to relevant stories is left to the discretion of editors.

How should links to, as part of advertising or paid media, be coded?

Third parties who publish links to as part of an advertising relationship should ensure that those links include the rel=”nofollow” attribute.

What if I want to link to a page on from a social media channel?

We encourage people to link to from social media channels. See the official list of Nationwide social media channels.

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