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Find Current Auto Loan Rates and Apply for New Car Financing

Nationwide Bank® is the smart choice for your new car financing. We'll help you find car loan interest rates that fit your budget.


Great Low Rates

Rates as low as

2.25% APR*

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Nationwide Member Rates

Rates as low as

2.00% APR*

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*Annual Percentage Rates (APRs) effective as of and subject to change.

New rates apply to new and used vehicles model years 2016 and newer. APRs shown assume excellent borrower credit and a 1% discount for automatic ACH payments. Rates will be 1% higher if automatic payments are not selected or cancelled after loan closing. Loan is subject to approval. Additional terms and conditions may apply. Payment example: A 72 month loan for $25,000 at 3.20% APR would have 72 monthly payments of $382.08.


Buying a new car should be fun. At Nationwide Bank, we will be with you every step of the way. We offer auto loans at affordable rates to put you in the driver’s seat.

Gather the information below, and get started today!

How to apply

Here's what you'll need to apply for an auto loan. You must be at least 18 years old and a U.S. citizen or legal resident to apply. Be sure to check your credit and resolve any disputes on your credit report. If applying jointly, both people should request a credit report before starting the application.

Nationwide Bank takes your privacy seriously. To protect your information, we will also verify your identity.

Personal information Financial information Vehicle information
  • Previous residence information if you've been in your current home less than two years
  • Previous employer if you've been with your current employer less than two years
  • The amount you would like to borrow
  • Annual salary or other income information that you wish to have considered as a basis for repaying your loan
  • Current auto insurance information
  • Bank account information for your automatic loan payments1
  • Vehicle identification number (VIN)2
  • Vehicle year, make and model
  • Purchase price
  • Dealership address and phone number

If you are applying for new car financing with another person, you will need to have that person’s residence information, too.

How to get Nationwide member rates: All you need to access great rates is to be the account owner of one or more Nationwide products including any of the banking, insurance and financial services products.


What new vehicles are not eligible for an auto loan?

Nationwide Bank does not offer auto loans on commercial vehicles or cars without VINs.

How do I receive the funds from my loan?

Because Nationwide Bank is a digital bank, everything happens online, including financing for your new car. We make it easy by sending the funds from your auto loan directly to the seller.

Here's how it works:

In our loan application, we will ask you for the address and phone number of the seller or dealer.

Once you’ve signed your loan documents, we will email you a secure Funding Code and a link to the Nationwide Bank Payment Center. When you’re ready to get your vehicle, simply share this information with the seller. The seller will tell Nationwide Bank where to deposit the funds, and you can drive home in style.

Is it possible to pay off my auto loan early?

Yes, you can pay off your auto loan early with no penalties, no matter your credit or interest rate. Use our auto loan payoff calculator to estimate your payment.

What isn't included in the price of my new car?

After you've negotiated a fair deal on the car itself, you may be surprised to find yourself writing a check for hundreds of dollars more than you thought. When you buy a car, be sure to factor these items into the price if they apply:

Our auto payment calculator can help you estimate your monthly payment based on auto loan rates, down payment amount and vehicle purchase price.

Get more answers to your auto loan questions on our Car Loan FAQ page.

Don't forget that Nationwide can provide you with the insurance you need to stay protected on the road. Request a car insurance quote from Nationwide Insurance today.

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