Bank Basics – Summer 2012

New Upgrades Let You Track Your Money

You asked for it and we got it for you. We've upgraded your bank account views to make managing your money even easier. Now, you can quickly see what activity is pending, completed and what deposits are on hold. 

Your enhanced account views with separate tables let you follow your money as it goes through these stages:

Follow your money

The table for pending activity is shown separately from all other account activity. It also shows you which debit charges are pending and your current and available balances so you know instantly what is available for withdrawal. 

The table for deposits on hold provides more details on your funds and when your funds will be released. Internal transfers are still immediate, but external transfers or other deposits list the date funds are available. Being able to see exactly when your deposits are available for withdrawal is important so you can better manage your money. 

The completed activity table includes all your internal and external account transfers, deposits, withdrawals and paid items. 

Name it, know it

You can also nickname external accounts, not just your internal accounts, for easy recall and personalization when you're banking online. Manage all your accounts with a glance or from your mobile phone screen. 

Enjoy the enhanced views online

These enhancements will make viewing your account simpler, faster and save you time. We appreciate your business, and are constantly striving to improve your banking experience. To begin taking advantage of these recent upgrades, enroll in online banking and begin enjoying the benefits today.  Or, if you're already enrolled, then log in to your account and check it out.


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