Feature Story – Spring 2012
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Are Your Savings Working Hard Enough?

The Federal Reserve recently announced plans to keep interest rates low through late 2014.1 That's great news for people borrowing money, but where does it leave the savers?

Many savings vehicles, such as CDs and money markets, are hovering below 1% APY these days. Even though it doesn't seem like much, the difference can add up.

AMOUNT: $10,000 AMOUNT: $10,000
$54.13 Average APY for a 12 month CD: 0.54%2 $105.51 Nationwide Bank 12 month CD APY: 1.05%
Total after 1 year of interest Total after 1 year of interest
Why Earn $54 When You Can Earn $105?

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We're very excited that our rates earned the Bankrate.com Top Tier Award3  all four quarters of 2011. That means our interest rates were consistently among the top 100 highest yields. 

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