Feature Story – Spring 2013
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8 Tips for Preparing Your Home for Sale

Everyone's got an idea of how to sell a house – but when it comes to impressing potential buyers, staging your home may be the most important thing you can do. If you're thinking about selling your home this year, read eight tips on preparing your home for sale. 

Cut the clutter. Your personal items will distract buyers, so put them out of sight. Extra furniture makes your house seem crowded so store anything you can temporarily live without. Keep in mind that buyers will be looking in your closets, so consider renting a storage unit if you have lots of knickknacks or furniture that needs put away.

Clean, clean, clean. Your bathrooms and kitchen should sparkle like new, even if they're not. Shine your sink and pay attention to glass shower doors and countertops.

Repaint the walls. A neutral paint color helps potential buyers imagine themselves living in your house.

Give your bathroom the hotel treatment. Make sure your personal grooming items are out of sight, then give your bathroom a warm and inviting feel by putting out a stack of fluffy towels and a new bar of soap.

Freshen up your fireplace. Clean off any visible soot. Replace or repaint your fireplace screen if it needs it, and paint or polish the bricks.

Update your kitchen cabinets. Restain them instead of replacing if the color is outdated. Add some new hardware to your cabinets and your kitchen will look fabulous for less.

Consider replacing your kitchen appliances. Studies show that new appliances make a big impact on buyers, so you may want to replace them while you’re giving your kitchen a makeover.

Stage your home for the sale. Just like in the bathroom, make the rest of your home seem inviting yet neutral. Add a few vases of fresh flowers in the living room and bathroom. Invest in luxurious bedding for all the bedrooms and accent pillows in the living room.

Once you've made these improvements you may find that you want to stay in your home after all. Whether you decide to buy a new house or refinance your current home, Nationwide Bank can help.


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