Feature Story – Winter 2012

Surviving Black Friday

Despite the early shopping hours, crowds and lines, people brave Black Friday every year for the great deals. If you think you're up to it, read our tips to help you survive the biggest shopping day of the year. 

Make a plan

List the people you need to shop for and ideas of what you want to buy for them. Once you know what you need to buy (or at least have an idea) check retailers for the best deals. Many stores will post their Black Friday ads weeks in advance so you can scope out the best prices for the items on your list. Search "Black Friday deals" to find your local store ads. 

Hit the stores

Make a plan for which stores you'll visit and in what order. Check into the opening times of the stores. You can organize your plan by which store opens earliest, which store has the hottest deal (so you make sure to nab it before they sell out) or which stores are close to each other. 

Grab the ad

Another thing to check into ahead of time is a particular store's policy on price matching. Some stores will offer the same price as a competitor if you bring the sale ad verifying the deal. If you find a store that price matches you may be able to cross other stores off your list – saving time, gas, and your sanity. 

Don't overdo it

Speaking of your sanity, don't let Black Friday drive you crazy. Plan for breaks in your shopping day and bring snacks and drinks to stay comfortable and hydrated. 

If you can, shop from home

You may not have to set foot in the stores to get the best deal – many stores offer the same or better deals online. Be sure to check for free shipping and coupon codes to save even more on your purchase. You may still have to shop in the wee hours of the morning, but at least you’ll be doing it in the comfort of your own home.

Get something back

Take advantage of 1% cash back on all your Black Friday purchases by shopping with your Nationwide Bank credit card.


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