On Your Side® – Summer 2012

Tips for Saving Money on Vacation

The Bank Note's savvy readers came through again with smart ways to save money on vacation. Thanks to everyone who emailed us. Ten of our readers each received a $25 Nationwide Bank Visa® gift card* for these helpful tips.

My husband and I enjoy riding bikes on our beach vacation, but never have the room in the car to bring our own. We visited a Habitat ReStore while on vacation and spotted two bikes for $20.00 each. Considering the bike rental at the beach shop was $10.00 per half day per bike we decided it was cheaper to buy than rent. We enjoyed riding these bikes all over the island for the entire week for $40.00 and then donated them back to the Habitat store when our vacation ended. What a great deal for us and for Habitat!
- Barbara N. 

While on vacation, our family brings along our own breakfast to save money.  It's very easy and doesn't take much space to pack cereal bars and fruit.  Our family of four easily saves $45 this way each morning of our trip -- totaling about $315!  It also helps us get out the hotel door earlier in the day to enjoy more activities! 
- Kimberly C. 

I suggest using the convenient ATM's instead of charging all expenses when traveling.  You'll be less apt to overspend when using cash.
- Teresa M. 

The ATM machine gives you an accurate accounting of your trip and can be used for declaring goods purchased for customs records. In addition it lessens the need to carry large sums of cash.
- David M. 

My husband and I define a successful vacation by if we can travel as cheaply as possible without feeling that we missed out on anything! One way is to share entrees at restaurants.  Portion sizes are typically larger than needed, so splitting a meal not only saves us money it also saves us calories!
- Kim K. 

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