How to Avoid ATM Fees

How to Avoid ATM Fees When You Bank With Nationwide

Do you remember the last time you withdrew money from an ATM and was charged a usage fee? Needing cash quickly and resorting to the nearest ATM isn’t the most ideal option when there are multiple ways to avoid ATM fees. Keep your money in your own pocket with the tips below.

Tips on how to avoid ATM fees

How to save ATM fees with Nationwide Bank

As a Nationwide Bank customer you’re already enjoying 24/7 access to your accounts and great rates. Take full advantage of all we have to we offer by using our ATM network to deposit or withdraw cash on the go.

We've partnered with Allpoint, PNC, Money Pass® and Alliance One to offer one of the largest surcharge-free ATM networks in the country. And with ATM fees that can range from $2 to $6, this translates into a lot of money staying in your pocket.

But before you access any of our ATMs, you should be aware of the following points to avoid possible fees:

Nationwide E-Checking: 6 transactions1

Nationwide Direct Checking: 4 transactions1

Nationwide Interest Checking: 6 transactions1

Nationwide Regular Savings: 2 transactions1

Nationwide Money Market: 2 transactions1

  • There is a limit, as set by federal regulations, of 6 withdrawal transactions per cycle for savings and money market accounts. For transactions over that limit, there is a $5 fee for each additional transaction. There are no such limits for the checking accounts. 

How to find our ATMs

Using our ATM Locator, you can filter the results to find an ATM that meets your needs:

You can also find an ATM using mobile banking on your phone’s browser, or by downloading our mobile banking app. 

So if you need cash when you're out and about, be sure to use one of our ATM locations to avoid fees and surcharges.

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