Creating Strong Passwords

Password Security Checklist

Passwords have become ubiquitous in the digital age. Everything from social media profiles to bank accounts and ecommerce sites requires passwords, and keeping those passwords secure from hackers is essential to digital and financial security.

Passwords and password hacking

Most online and digital profiles these days rely on a username and password combination to verify user identity. To ensure these profiles remain safe and confidential, well-crafted passwords are essential.

The rising prevalence of password hacking to enter confidential or financial online accounts, in particular, has made password security extremely important. Weak or common passwords make access to digital profiles easy for hackers, who use sophisticated programs to uncover passwords and hack accounts.

Create a strong password

In order to create a password that lessens the likelihood of being guessed or hacked, consider the following:

Keep the password secure

With so many passwords and login combinations, many users have difficulty remembering their passwords. We recommend the following to help you keep track:

Passwords can never be completely safe from discovery. However, by following the steps listed above, you can drastically reduce the likelihood of having your password uncovered.

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