The Tubbs Wildfire that struck northern California took Ralph Casale’s house fast.

When we left, I really thought we’d be coming back at some point,” Casale said. “We literally only had the clothes on our back and maybe one or two other things in a duffel bag, and that was it.”

But Nationwide was there to help Casale’s family and thousands of others across the country deal with an unprecedented level of destruction from hurricanes, wildfires and other natural disasters in 2017.

Deploying claims associates, activating mobile catastrophe response units and providing basic necessities for members in their devastated communities were all components of delivering on our On Your Side® Promise.

Advancements in technology such as drones, aerial imagery and remote video consultation helped Nationwide assist members with their claims.

In 2017 we served more than
members affected by major natural catastrophes.

$18.7 billion
paid in claims and other benefits to members in 2017

“Nationwide has been a parachute for us, really,” Casale said. “We felt like they were able to stop that freefall or at least slow it down and help us get started again.”

Nationwide is built for stability — even when dealing with a once-in-a-lifetime series of events.

“Being there for our members at times like this is why we exist,” CEO Steve Rasmussen said. “We have the strength to be able to focus on helping our members solve their crises and not have to worry about facing one ourselves.”

Nationwide will be part of the Casales’ recovery from the wildfire.

“When it’s time to rebuild — and we want to rebuild — having Nationwide backing us up is going to be a huge thing going forward, and we really appreciate that,” Casale said.