Apartment shoppers can now shop for and purchase renters insurance with Nationwide from the palm of their hand.

Earlier this year, Nationwide joined forces with Sure — the developer of the nation’s first on-demand insurance mobile app — to enable consumers in select states to purchase renters insurance from their mobile device.

Using the Sure app, consumers can now get a quote, purchase a policy and pay their Nationwide renters insurance premiums via a mobile app.

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This new offering expands the relationship Nationwide had with Sure when the company launched a travel insurance product in 2016 to protect members against the costs of travel-related accidents.

Nationwide is the first national carrier to offer renters insurance via a mobile app.

By making renters insurance more readily available, Nationwide is filling a big need — a recent survey conducted by the company indicates that more than half of the 1,000 millennials surveyed do not have it.

However, more than two-thirds of those surveyed indicated they stood to lose more than $5,000 worth of belongings should an unfortunate event occur, while three-fourths did not know the relatively low cost of renters insurance.

“The new offering on Sure’s platform is designed to enable renters with insurance options through a fast, automated and secure mobile experience,” said Wayne Slavin, CEO of Sure.

“This partnership with Nationwide will allow us to provide customers the stability and credibility to protect their most valuable possessions.”

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