Nationwide is a leader in helping Americans save for retirement, and we continued that tradition in 2017 while also introducing tools to help make retirement easier once savers reach that milestone.

Saving for retirement can be difficult, especially for middle-income consumers. Retirement products are often complex, and many workers struggle to balance the financial demands of today with saving for tomorrow while also worrying about market volatility.

So we launched Guaranteed Retirement Income from Nationwide® — a direct-to-consumer pilot program to provide guaranteed retirement income every month for life in exchange for small, consistent contributions over time.


of defined contribution plans1


writer of variable annuities2

It’s an example of how we’re taking a different approach to addressing retirement savings challenges.

“Nationwide is committed to providing innovative solutions that can help bridge the gap between what people need to live a financially secure retirement and what they’re actually saving,” said Kirt Walker, president and chief operating officer of financial services for Nationwide.

Our Care Concierge program is another progressive approach to addressing challenges retirees may have. Introduced in 2017, Care Concierge is a no-cost service for owners of select variable annuities.

The Nationwide Care Concierge service helps members navigate through trouble spots such as finding a nursing home for ailing parents, resolving health care issues and accessing counseling services. It is a confidential service that provides 24-hour access to help with many of the questions and issues that come up in retirement.

“We’re always looking for ways to help people be more prepared for retirement,” Walker said. “And enjoy the retirement they deserve.”

Guaranteed Retirement Income from Nationwide

Learn more about this new way to save for retirement that’s simple, flexible and guaranteed to deliver retirement income for life.

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