For more than 70 of our 90-plus years, Nationwide has offered solutions to help people plan for their financial futures.

It’s a history that continues today through some notable new investment options delivered through new channels.

In 2017, Nationwide acquired Jefferson National, an industry-leading distributor of tax-advantaged investing solutions for registered investment advisors (RIAs), fee-based advisors and the clients they serve.

“This move helps us meet the needs of more savers and offer solutions regardless of their preference to work with an advisor who is fee- or commission-based,” said Kirt Walker, president and chief operating officer of financial services for Nationwide.

$27.3 billion 
in sales

$65.6 billion
in assets under management — mutual funds

The expanded expertise has already produced tangible results. Last fall, Nationwide launched three strategic beta exchange-traded funds (ETFs) with new distribution options empowered by the talent that joined the team.

Nationwide’s strategic beta ETFs provide investors with options to manage risk, enhance diversification and reduce volatility in their portfolios.

These ETFs join Nationwide mutual funds that go as far back as the 1930s. ETFs have gained popularity with investors for advantages such as lower expenses, tax efficiencies, and ease of buying and selling.

“We have a history of helping people prepare for the future,” Walker said. “We’re going to keep leveraging our many strengths to do that in new ways.”

Nationwide’s Strategic Beta ETFs

If you want liquidity, transparency, lower cost and risk management in an ETF, give our newest investment option a closer look.