To assist you in servicing customers, we are sharing the following policies and procedures which have been modified to respond to customer needs during this difficult time. The product information provided may or may not apply to our excess and surplus, surety and management liability and specialty products. Please contact your underwriter if you have a question.

Restaurant and Retailer exposures:

Customers may be incurring new exposures in an attempt to remain viable. Nationwide will make coverage available for existing restaurant and retailer exposures who now engage in food delivery due to COVID-19 restrictions.

Business Auto

  • Insured coverage for restaurant delivery will be written under the Business Auto policy
  • Restaurant risks that utilize third party delivery (Uber Eats, Grub Hub, Door Dash, Postmates, etc.) are eligible for coverage


  • If the insured has BOP or Package coverage but no Auto coverage, a Business Auto new business submission will be required
  • Multi-Line Restaurant and Retailer risks that began engaging in limited delivery due to COVID-19 restrictions are eligible

Loss Control

Nationwide encourages customers to incorporate one or more of the following forms into their company’s driver safety program:
  • Safe Driving Commitment Form (Non-Owned Vehicle Operators)
  • Non-Owned Vehicle Driver Safety Orientation Checklist
  • Non-Owned Vehicle Authorization and Operation Form
  • Vehicle Inspection Report Form 

Mid-term changes

Customers may be experiencing rapidly changing exposure levels. Given the challenges created by COVID-19, you may request mid-term adjustments related to reducing exposures for customers.

Examples that may reduce premium that do not impact coverage:
  • Adjusting Workers' Compensation, BOP and General Liability estimated exposures
  • Adjusting exposure basis for actual loss sustained coverages
Examples that may reduce premium that do impact coverage:
  • Increasing deductibles
  • Suspending Collision coverage
  • Reducing coverage limits