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Welcome to Nationwide®

When your employer selected us to manage the pension benefit payments that you have accrued, they chose the company that Peyton Manning chose to protect and manage his retirement money. Watch this short video to learn why.

For more than 30 years, we've managed pensions of more than 550 contracts. You can depend on us to protect your pension benefits and deliver reliable service with accuracy, speed and extraordinary care, backed by the strength of a Fortune 100 company that's been in business for nearly a century.


What you should do right now

If you are not receiving benefits, you don't need to do anything right now.
You will receive a welcome letter with instructions when you reach your eligible retirement date. 
If you are already receiving benefits, you will continue to receive them as before.
However, you should prepare to take these important steps:


Review your welcome letter.
Two weeks prior to the first direct benefit payment from Nationwide, you will receive a welcome letter that will explain your benefit and how we will serve you. You will also receive a temporary password to access your account online.


Create a username and password.
Use your temporary password to access the Nationwide Pension Portal and establish permanent login information.


Confirm your benefit certificate.
A few months after you receive the welcome letter, you will receive from Nationwide a certificate that defines the benefit to which you are entitled. You will be asked to confirm the certificate is accurate.

Set up online access to your account

laptop icon

Nationwide Pension Portal

(full account access)

The Portal delivers all of the features and services available through online access to your pension account.

Use your temporary password to create:
  • Your username and password
  • A password hint
  • Security questions and answers

Safely store your username and password so that you will be able to access the portal whenever you want.

Access portal
mobile phone icon

Mobile app

(select capabilities)

After you have set up your access through the Nationwide Pension Portal, you can download UPoint, our mobile app, to your Apple or Android smartphone.

  • Install UPoint from the App Store or Google Play
  • Open the app
  • Select "Nationwide" when asked for your company
  • Click "Next"
  • Log in with your username and password
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We're here for you

1-833-882-3579 | Nationwide Pension Transfer Service Center
9 a.m. to 6 p.m. ET, Monday through Friday

You will receive, or may already have received, your temporary phone PIN in the mail. You will need this PIN on your first call, during which you will be prompted to create your own phone PIN for future calls.

In all states except New York, annuities are issued by Nationwide Life and Annuity Insurance Company, Columbus Ohio. In New York, annuities are issued by Nationwide Life Insurance Company, Columbus, Ohio. Prior to June 29, 2020, all annuities were issued in all states, including NY, by Nationwide Life Insurance Company, Columbus, Ohio.

Nationwide and Alight are separate and nonaffiliated companies.