Nationwide® Social Advantage is a social selling platform that gives you free and easy access to pre-approved content you can share to your social accounts. Leveraging your social network in this way positions you as a thought leader and trusted resource, helping you achieve your sales goals.

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Why should you consider Nationwide Social Advantage?


92% of financial professionals who use social media for business say that it’s helped them gain new clients.1


78% of social sellers outsell peers who don’t use social media.2


Nationwide Wholesalers attributed almost $20 million in sales in 2022 to social media efforts.3

Thought leadership at your fingertips

With Nationwide Social Advantage, you have access to a library of social posts with white label material on important industry topics, such as:

  • Retirement
  • Life insurance
  • Long-term care
  • Health care expenses
  • Financial topics

Watch the video to find out how it works.

Getting started is easy

  1. Request access by answering a few simple questions. It could take 1 to 2 business days for approval.
  2. After gaining approval, pair your social media accounts to the content in our library. You’ll need to select Allow to complete the pairing.
  3. Begin posting immediately or schedule posts to appear at a future date.
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“I love all of the features these programs provide. They are such a value add.”

“We just viewed a demonstration of a program made available to us from our friends at Nationwide. This is NOT product or concept oriented, but we believe it could be one of the most powerful tools you will find for your practice. [A leader] saw the demo and was blown away by the potential now at his fingertips.”

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[3] "Nationwide Financial Social Selling Survey Results," Nationwide (2022).