Nationwide Plenti Program Rules

Nationwide Plenti Program Rules of Use

Scope of Program Rules

Last modified  January 8, 2018

Effective December 31, 2017, Nationwide ended its participation in the Plenti program. After December 31, 2017, Nationwide policyholders may no longer earn Plenti points for paying premiums on eligible policies, however, they will have access to any available Plenti points that have not expired and can use those points for savings on eligible purchases at participating Exxon and Mobil gas stations, Rite Aid stores, participating Chili's restaurants, Macy's department stores, and BI-LO, Winn-Dixie, and Harveys supermarkets.

Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company, its subsidiaries and affiliates (collectively "Nationwide"), is providing policyholders of certain products with the opportunity to participate in the Plenti rewards program. 

These Program Rules explain and govern how Nationwide will participate in the Plenti Rewards Program. These Rules do not replace or supersede the Plenti Terms and Conditions, which govern Plenti Members’ participation in Plenti. These Rules do not constitute an insurance policy or supporting document, nor do they modify or supersede any insurance policy, rating rule, or other insurance document or program.

We may modify these Rules in any manner at any time, at our sole discretion. The updated Rules will be found by visiting and we will update the last modified date. If required by applicable law, we will additionally send notice of the modifications to you at a postal or email address we have on file. Modifications to these Terms are effective immediately when posted. These Rules are subject to immediate change if necessary to comply with applicable laws or regulations.

Program Eligibility

Plenti membership eligibility criteria are contained in the Plenti Terms and Conditions.

Nationwide will award points in connection with some, but not all products, and in some, but not all states. Product eligibility may be dependent upon regulatory approval, and is subject to change. Nationwide may add to or change the products and offers that are eligible to earn Points. The current list of "Participating Products" can be found at the bottom of this page. All references to the Plenti program in these Rules apply only to Participating Products. 


To become a Plenti Member and receive points from Nationwide, you must complete an enrollment application and it must be accepted by Plenti. Go to for details and to enroll.

Linking and Managing Your Plenti Account with Nationwide

In order to earn Plenti points for paying your Nationwide policy premium, your Nationwide account must first be linked with your Plenti card number. Once the member's accounts are linked, they can begin earning Plenti points for paying eligible auto or property insurance premiums. Points will not be awarded for premium prior to the date the accounts are linked, or before the program is effective for your product(s) or state.

Means to link accounts can be found at

To assist policyholders who have already enrolled in Plenti, Nationwide may periodically compare its list of policyholders to Plenti's enrollment list and automatically link their Nationwide account to Plenti. This process will exclude any policyholders who have opted out of certain third party data sharing, pursuant to Nationwide’s Privacy Policy. Not all policyholders will be automatically linked, and not all linked individuals will automatically begin collecting points. It is the member’s responsibility to ensure that their accounts are linked and that you will receive points for each policy.

Only one Plenti card number can be linked to any one Nationwide insurance policy. Anyone with the authority to make changes to a particular insurance policy may change the Plenti card number linked to that policy. For help with linking, visit or call Nationwide at 1-844-538-0008.

Earning Points

Plenti members may earn Plenti points from Nationwide in two ways: 1) Base Points and 2) Promotional Points. The list of products and offers that are eligible to earn points ("Participating Products") can be found below.

a. Base Points

Nationwide awards Base Points to linked Plenti members in relation to their paid policy premium for Participating Products. Nationwide will award one (1) Plenti Point for every three (3) dollars of paid, earned premium. Points will be rounded to the nearest whole number (e.g., 1.49 rounds to 1 point; 1.50 rounds to 2 points). 

Base Points will be awarded on a monthly basis, based upon the proportionate amount of premium paid as attributable to the particular policy over the prior calendar month. 

b. Promotional Points

Nationwide ended promotional offers, effective September 30, 2017. The remainder of this subsection refers to promotional offers redeemed prior to that date.

Nationwide may periodically make special offers to award Promotional Points to Plenti members who complete a qualifying promotional offer. A promotional offer may entail a variety of activities from completing a promotional quote to signing up for electronic funds transfer.

Terms of the promotional offers will be identified on the offer. Promotional offers will be available for a limited time, and may or may not be limited to Nationwide policyholders. A list of all currently-open promotional offers, with the means of redemption, will be found below.

For promotional offers that award points for obtaining an insurance quote, points will only be awarded if the Plenti member provides their Plenti Identifier (e.g. card number, Plenti-associated phone number) at the time of the quote; fully completes the quote for the promoted insurance product; meets the product’s eligibility requirements as necessary to complete the quote; and accurately provides all information and consents necessary to complete the insurance quote process. 

Nationwide will typically notify Plenti and the Plenti member of an award of promotional points within approximately 48 hours after the promotional quote is completed. Point availability is governed by Plenti's Terms and Conditions.

c. Points Limits

Due to regulatory requirements in certain states, there are limits on the aggregate accumulated value of Base, Promotional, or total Points that Nationwide may award in a given time period. Point limits, where applicable, can be found below.

If and when you meet a state limit, further Point awards will be denied based on the order of transactions that caused the limit to be exceeded, regardless of whether that transaction was Base or Promotional.

d. Points Disputes

In the event you do not receive your Plenti Points after completing a transaction with Nationwide (paying your premium), you have 180 days from the date of that transaction or until April 1, 2018 whichever is earlier, to notify Nationwide of the problem. Upon notification, Nationwide will attempt to verify the transaction and determine the proper Points award to your Plenti account. Disputes raised after April 1, 2018 will not be investigated.

Managing and Using Points

The use, management, and all other aspects of Points are governed by the Plenti Terms & Conditions. The fact that your Nationwide insurance policy is cancelled or terminated will not cause your already-collected Points to be cancelled. 

Note: Nationwide will not be accepting points as payment.

Use of Personal Information

Your participation in Plenti is governed by the Plenti Terms & Conditions and Plenti Consumer Privacy Notice and Plenti Online Privacy Statement. You can obtain copies of the Plenti Consumer Privacy Notice and/or Plenti Online Privacy Statement by clicking on the hyperlinks above or calling 1-855-PLENTI1 (1-855-753-6841).

By linking your Plenti account with your Nationwide account, you are giving us permission to share your information with Plenti.

You can obtain copies of the Nationwide Privacy Statements and the Nationwide Online Privacy Policy can be found at


Nationwide makes no guarantees, warranties or representations of any kind concerning Plenti or Points. All Points are void where prohibited by applicable laws or regulations and these Rules are subject to immediate change if necessary to comply with such laws or regulations. You release and hold harmless Nationwide, our subsidiaries and affiliates, and Plenti from all liability regarding your earning and use of Points or your participation in Plenti. 

We make no representations or warranties, either express or implied, including, but not limited to: any implied warranty of quality, condition, merchantability, fitness for intended use or a particular purpose or those arising by statute or otherwise in law or from a course of dealing or usage of trade regarding Plenti or the services, materials or goods advertised, promoted, sold or otherwise made available through any other Sponsor or other merchant. You agree that your purchases of goods or services from any other Sponsor or other merchant are between you and them, are made at your own risk, and are subject to any additional terms, conditions and restrictions between you and them. We have no responsibility for the delivery, standard, quality, safety, use, suitability or any other aspect of any goods or services ordered or purchased, except where required by law.  

Applicable State Limits

View our participating products points caps.

Promotional Offers


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