Harvest safety tips
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Stay safe during harvest with these harvest safety tips

During harvest, you have a huge amount of work to do within a very short window of time. That urgency is likely what causes accidents and damage. 

We want you to accomplish everything you need to do on time, but we want you to do it safely. Start with these harvest safety tips.

Get organized

Tools and equipment

Basic safety walkthrough

Facilities electrical check

Safety training for employees and family members

Focus on efficiency

Grain-receiving equipment

Bin aeration floor

Grain dryer

Know your crop

Quantity and quality

Local grain elevators

Drying your corn


Check fields for areas of possible erosion or washouts. Write down the locations and tell anyone else who may be operating harvest equipment.

Stay safe on public roads

Harvest season means more farm vehicles will be sharing the roadways with other vehicles. That includes combines and other harvesting equipment moving from one field to another, as well as trucks and tractors transporting produce.

Learn more about staying safe on public roads.

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