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Make Smart Leasing Decisions with Nationwide Rental Screening Solutions

rental screening solutionsIf you're an independent landlord, you probably have access to a credit score or maybe a generic recommendation for tenant screening. But these limited tools often leave out critical information that can affect your leasing decisions.

Rental screening discounts for Nationwide customers

Nationwide partners with TransUnion to bring you TransUnion SmartMove®, an online rental screening solution that provides independent landlords with access to the same screening tools used by the largest property management companies.

Sign up for SmartMove and save $7 when you use coupon code, Nationwide Clients. You'll enjoy these great benefits:

  • Quick access – no waiting for approval, no additional documentation
  • Full access to credit and criminal reports
  • Flexible terms – pay-per-use, no set-up fees, no minimums
  • Custom report and leasing recommendations in minutes
  • A choice of who pays (you or the renter)
  • Joint-tenant recommendations (single recommendation for joint renters and

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