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Apply for RV Financing with Nationwide

Find the RV loan that fits your budget with recreational vehicle financing rates from Nationwide Bank. We offer low loan rates and flexible terms for most types of motorized recreational vehicles. It takes just minutes to get preapproved, and you can finish the loan online anytime, anywhere.

Current RV new loan rates

If you are considering buying a new RV, view our new loan rates and terms below.

Current RV used and refinance loan rates

If you are planning to buy a used RV, or simply want a lower payment or lower interest rate on your current recreational vehicle, check out our used and refi RV loan rates below.

RV loan features

Nationwide Bank offers great rates for new, used and refinance RV loans, along with flexible terms and payments. And you can do everything online – from getting preapproved to signing your loan documents to paying the dealer.

There are no fees to apply and no fees to refinance, so apply today!

How to apply for an RV loan

Get preapproved for recreational vehicle financing on our secure site, and finish your loan when you find the RV you want.

You must be 18 years or older and a U.S. citizen or legal resident to apply for a loan. Have the following information available to complete your RV loan application.

Personal information Financial information RV information
  • Previous address if you've been in your current home less than two years
  • Previous employer if you've been with your current employer less than two years
  • The amount you wish to borrow or refinance for your RV loan
  • Annual income (salary, bonuses, retirement income, etc.) and other income (child support, alimony) if you wish to have it considered as a basis for repaying your RV loan
  • Bank account information for your automatic loan payments1
  • Year, make, model and VIN2
  • Purchase price
  • Name, address and phone number of dealership

If you are applying for an RV loan with another person, you will need to have that person's residence information, too.

RV loan FAQs

Do I have to purchase an RV through an authorized dealer to get recreational vehicle loan financing?

Yes, you must purchase your vehicle from a dealership when you get your loan from Nationwide. Private party lending is not offered.

What RVs are not eligible for a Nationwide loan?

Nationwide Bank does not offer loans on RVs that have a salvage title or that are 20 years and older. In addition, the RV must be a motorized recreational vehicle.

After I am approved, how quickly can I get a check?

Because Nationwide Bank is a digital bank, everything happens online, including financing your RV. We make it easy by sending the funds from your loan directly to the dealer.

Here's how it works:

In our RV loan application, we will ask you for the address and phone number of the dealer.

Once you’ve signed your loan documents, we will email you a secure Funding Code and a link to the Nationwide Payment Center. When you’re ready to get your RV, simply share this information with the dealer. The dealer will tell Nationwide Bank where to deposit the funds, and you can drive home in style.

For RV refinance loans, we will send the check directly to the lender.

Is it possible to pay off my RV loan early?

Yes. Nationwide Bank does not charge a penalty for paying off your loan early.

What isn’t included in the price of my RV?

Be sure you factor in sales tax, any dealer fees and the cost of an extended warranty if you purchase one.

Once you secure the right financing, make sure your RV is protected wherever it goes. Get an RV insurance quote from Nationwide today.

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