Safety director training
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Safety director training from Nationwide will help keep your workplace safe

safety director training

If you’re serious about improving workplace safety and your bottom line, Nationwide offers a comprehensive safety director training program that teaches your designated employees to become in-house safety directors.

An in-house safety director demonstrates to your employees your commitment to their safety, and provides continuous vigilance in finding, monitoring and managing safety risks to increase the overall safety of your employees, vendors, contractors and customers.

Our safety director training program uses easy-to-understand self-study courses that teach the principles of risk management safety and regulatory compliance. The program enables your safety directors to continue with their regular duties while learning how to identify and eliminate workplace hazards.

Core modules

Safety director training program participants must complete all seven core modules:

  • Action plan
  • Fire protection
  • Fleet safety
  • General workplace safety
  • Recordkeeping and regulations
  • Right-to-know
  • Safety committees, policies and training

Specialized modules

Safety director training program participants must complete at least two specialized modules:

  • Anhydrous ammonia safety
  • Chemical safety
  • Convenience store safety
  • Cotton gin safety
  • Custom application safety
  • Grain and milling safety
  • LP gas safety
  • Refined fuel safety
  • Service station and shop safety

Continued support

Safety training doesn’t end once the safety director training course is complete. On a regular basis, your Nationwide risk management consultant will update your trained safety directors with the latest safety and risk management information.

To participate in the safety director training program, there’s a one-time, nominal fee which covers administrative costs and subsequent updates.

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