Short-Term Disability Coverage

Be Able to Help Your Employees if the Unexpected Occurs

Did you know 51% of private industry workers do not have access to any type of disability insurance?1

Disability claims are more common than you think. Every 9 seconds someone experiences a disabling injury,2 which can seriously affect an employees’ ability to work. As a small business owner, your employees sustain the success of your business, so it’s important to help them if the unexpected occurs. 

What can Nationwide do?

NEB Direct offers a group short-term disability insurance plan to help you and your employees during tough times. Coverage provides employees with temporary income to help pay bills and necessities, as well as peace of mind for the affected employee’s family. There are 5 benefit options that vary from price and time, starting at $250 for 4 weeks of disability leave. To qualify, employees do not need to answer any questions about their health or go through medical underwriting – it’s guaranteed! 

Learn more about short-term disability insurance and other products offered by NEB Direct, such as critical illnessvisiondentalmedical and life with AD&D.

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