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Hiring a travel agent: pros and cons

Do I need a travel agent

Hiring a Travel Agent: Pros and Cons. Booking a flight and hotel takes seconds thanks to the Internet. Research shows 143 million travel reservations are made online each year, which accounts for about 57% of all travel reservations.1

Yet, while the idea might seem outdated, 22% of consumers booked a vacation with a travel agent last year, which is the highest reservation rate agents have reached in three years.2 These travelers appreciate travel agents’ expertise and ability to find excellent deals. They also like being able to delegate travel-planning details to a professional.

Engaging a travel agent is a personal decision, although it may also depend on your situation. That is, a travel agent may be particularly helpful for more complicated, lengthier trips or those with multiple family members, but you might not find the expense worthwhile for shorter, simpler journeys.

Consider the travel agent pros and cons below.

Pros of hiring a travel agent

Cons of hiring a travel agent

While more travelers are booking vacations online, using a travel agent can make it easier for you. Weigh each trip and decide if the convenience outweighs the extra time and cost of finding and using an agent.

Whether you book online or with an agent, you should strongly consider travel insurance to protect against covered losses like accidents, illness, canceled flights and lost luggage. See how Nationwide Travel Insurance can keep your trip on track.

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