Dental Insurance

Keep Your Employees Smiling

Regular dental checkups are an important part of overall health and wellness. Gum disease and poor oral health have been proven to be precursors to heart disease and other circulatory conditions. Providing your employees with access to basic dental care can help them stay healthy and avoid heath problems down the road.

With benefits from Nationwide Insurance, you can provide basic dental care for your employees: regular dental checkups, cleanings and X-rays. And with over 240,000 in-network dental access points, Nationwide makes it easy to find a provider. Visit our provider network website to find a provider in your area.

Dental Plan Highlights

Preventative Dental Plan Expanded Dental Plan
Diagnostic & Preventative Covered Services

100% In-network
80% Out-of-network

  • Cleaning and exams twice per year
  • X-rays once per year
  • Fluoride for children under age 19 twice per year
    (Family Plan only)1
  • No deductible
Deductible and Copays


Calendar year deductible (waived for diagnostic and preventative) In-network: $25 Employee Only/$75 Family Out-of-network: $50 Employee Only/$150 Family

Calendar Year Maximum



Basic Covered Services


80% In-network
60% Out-of-network
Covers services such as: fillings, simple extractions, oral surgery

Major Covered Services


50% In-network
40% Out-of-network
Covers services such as: root canals, crowns, dentures, bridges

Orthodontic Covered Services


50% In-network
50% Out-of-network
to a lifetime max of $1,000
Children to age 191

[1]Flouride and orthodontic coverage is limited to dependent children under age 19 on the family plan.

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