Managing High Deductibles

Using Supplemental Health Insurance Can Offset Impact of High Deductibles

One area of the health care market that has not been affected by the Affordable Care Act is supplemental health care. One strategy for employers to consider is building a health care program with a higher deductible primary care plan and then adding supplemental health care insurance.

As cited on, employers must offer plans from four different coverage levels:1

By offering a silver or bronze plan, it will reduce the amount of the monthly premiums paid by the employer. Employees will pay higher deductibles with their primary care plan, but they will receive enhanced benefits with supplemental health insurance. 

Sometimes called gap insurance, these policies help individuals manage their medical bills. The combined premium of several supplemental policies can be substantially less than traditional group premiums.

These policies are purchased separately from standardized health insurance and may include one or all of the following benefits packages:

Purchasing supplemental health insurance to combine with your primary insurance is just one strategy that businesses can explore to help manage cost. Work with your agent or broker to build a comprehensive health care program at an affordable rate.

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