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Featured resources

workers compensation insurance

Workers compensation insurance

Learn what is required for your business and why you need it.

Equipment Breakdown Insurance

Equipment breakdown insurance

When unexpected equipment breakdowns occur, you need the right coverage to protect your business.

business insurance cost reduction tips

Reduce business expenses

Manage your business insurance premiums with helpful cost reduction tips.

More small business resources

commercial truck insurance quote

Getting the right commercial vehicle insurance quote

Learn what information you’ll need to get a commercial vehicle insurance quote.

employment practices liability insurance

Employment practices liability insurance

Protect your business from employee lawsuits with EPL insurance.


Commercial auto policy basics

Become more familiar with commercial auto insurance and how it can help protect your business.

business property insurance term definitions

Commercial property insurance glossary

Our glossary includes some of the more frequently-used commercial property insurance terms and definitions.

Liability insurance terms

Liability insurance definitions

Become familiar with terms and concepts about the topic of commercial liability insurance.


Fleet insurance

Find out how safety and driver training programs can help control your commercial auto or truck fleet insurance premiums.

commercial auto insurance term definitions

Commercial auto insurance glossary

Learn the terms and phrases associated with commercial auto insurance.

Disaster Planning and Recovery

Emergency procedures

Put emergency procedures in place, and practice for emergencies of all kinds.

Disaster Supply Kit

Disaster supply kit

Learn what to include in a disaster supplies kit.

Disaster Resources

Disaster resources

Read more about disaster planning and recovery from a number of organizations.

Disaster Resources

Specific disasters

Get suggestions for planning for natural and manmade disasters.

slip and fall accidents

Slip and fall accidents

Protect your business from slip and fall accidents.

Employee Driving While Distracted

Employee driving while distracted

Don't let your business be threatened by distracted driving.

national flood insurance program

National flood insurance program

Understand flood coverage options for your business.

Power Surge Protection

Power surge protection

Strike back against lightning and other electrical disruptions.

metal theft

Metal theft prevention

Protect your business from scrap metal theft.

utility services interruption insurance

Utility services interruption insurance

Find out how to protect your business from loss of natural gas, phone, Internet or water.

Insurance Valuation

Insurance valuation

Make sure your insurance needs are keeping up with your business growth.

Wind Damage Prevention

Wind damage prevention

Protect your business from windstorm damage.

What is Commercial Business Insurance

What is commercial business insurance?

Get a definition and FAQs for commercial business insurance.

What is E&O Insurance?

What is errors and omissions insurance?

Learn about errors and omissions insurance and whether it makes sense for your business.

How Much Is Liability Insurance?

How much does liability insurance cost?

Learn what factors go into a business liability insurance quote.

Do I need Business Insurance?

Do I need business insurance?

Learn about the best types of coverage for your business.

What is Cyber Liability Insurance?

What is cyber insurance?

Learn how a data breach can damage more than just your computer system.

What is General Liability Insurance

What is general liability insurance?

Learn why almost every business has a need for general liability insurance.

Employee Benefits FAQ

Employee benefits FAQ

Find answers to frequently asked questions about small business employee benefits (available in AZ and OH).

What is property insurance

Property insurance glossary

Understand definitions of key terms for insuring your home or business.

Business Interruption Insurance

Business Interruption Insurance

Business interruption insurance can help your business stay afloat when disaster strikes.

what is commercial property insurance

Basics of commercial property insurance

Find out how commercial property insurance can benefit your business.

What’s Commercial Umbrella Insurance?

Commercial Umbrella Insurance

Find out how to cover costs that go beyond your other liability coverage limits.

business auto liability insurance

What is Commercial Liability Auto Insurance?

Find out why protecting your company’s vehicles is so important.

how much is commercial auto insurance

How much is commercial auto insurance?

Find out some of the factors that determine costs of business auto insurance.

different types of business insurance

What are the different types of business insurance?

Get answers and learn about the variables that come into play.

what is a business owners policy

What is a businessowners policy (BOP)?

Find out how a BOP can protect your business with one convenient policy.

what is commercial property insurance

What is commercial property insurance?

Learn the definition, how much it costs and what it covers.

what is equipment breakdown insurance

What is equipment breakdown insurance?

Learn how your business could benefit from equipment breakdown insurance.

Non-Owned Auto Liability Coverage

What is non owner car insurance?

Hired and non owner auto liability insurance is something all businesses should know about.

Business liability

Business liability

Tips to help you determine the right amount of general liability insurance for your business.

Workplace summer hours

Workplace summer hours?

Offering a revised work schedule in the summer can boost morale and performance.

Increase employee enrollment

Increase employee enrollment

Follow these tips to encourage employees to participate in the company benefits plan.

Employee benefits feedback

Employee benefits feedback

Gather and analyze employee benefits feedback through satisfaction surveys or conversations.

Cyber security for businessess

Cyber security for businesses

Learn the types of insurance that can help protect your business from digital risk.

Investment pitch tips

Investment pitch tips

Learn how to improve your business pitch and earn investors.

How to get small business resources

How to get small business resources

Learn how a Small Business Development Center can help you succeed.

Reevaluating your business insurance

Reevaluating your business insurance

Learn how the right midsize and small business insurance can help your company keep up with change.

Business crowdfunding

Business crowdfunding

Read about what you should take into account when considering ways to fund your business.

Benefits encourage employee retention

Benefits encourage employee retention

Research shows employee benefits are a significant factor in employee retention.

Hiring seasonal employees

Hiring seasonal employees

Here is what you should know about finding and employing seasonal workers.

Small business tax tips

Small business tax tips

Learn about the 9 best practice tips for small business taxes.

Men and women doing shoulder presses with dumbbells

Employee wellness programs

Thinking about starting a wellness program at your company? Read these tips to learn how.

small business owner writing down a content marketing plan

How to use small business content marketing

Find out how to use content marketing to propel your small business with these 7 tips.

Man being interviewed by a small business owner

Interview questions you should ask a candidate

Learn the right questions to ask a candidate so you can find someone who is the right fit for your business.


Reviewing workplace safety protocols

Make sure your workplace safety plans and procedures are up to date with these four tips.

Business owner running a business

Starting your own business

We go over the steps needed to launch your first business and pursue your dreams.

Woman looking over papers, in front of a laptop

Business funding options

What you should consider when deciding how to get capital to grow your business.

Small business owner looking at crowdfunding sites on his computer

How to use crowdfunding for your small business

Learn how crowdfunding could help you take your business to the next level.

Group of interns at a table taking notes

How to be a good internship mentor

Find some tips to help you run a productive and successful internship program.

Two women discussing women-owned business grants

Women-owned business resources

Find out about the resources available to women entrepreneurs who are starting small businesses.

business owners discussing small business resources with government worker

Small business resources from your local government

Learn how programs and resources from the government can help your business succeed.

Man and two women looking at a laptop screen

Negative Review Response

Follow these 4 tips to manage your company’s online reputation.

Small business owner outsourcing tasks

5 ways to outsource back-office tasks

Learn how you can outsource business tasks to help improve efficiency.

Man inspecting documents for business fraud red flags

5 ways to spot small business fraud

Learn what you should be on the lookout for to help prevent business fraud.

Man and woman sitting around a coffee table looking at papers

Revising insurance coverage

Learn what scenarios may require you to review and revise your business's insurance policy.

Small business owner supervising production in a factory

What is product liability insurance?

Learn about how product liability insurance can help protect your business if you manufacture goods.

Small business owner talking to a customer in a store

10 customer retention strategies

Check out these strategies to help you keep customers coming back to your business.

Safety in the workplace

Tips for safety in the workplace

Keep yourself and your staff prepared by following these work health and safety guidelines.

A man surveys damage from a natural disaster

Natural disaster insurance

Preparing your business for a natural disaster can limit the damage.

how to come up with a business idea

What you need to know before starting a business

Creating a new company can be challenging, here are some steps to starting your business.

selling products online

Starting your own ecommerce business

Use these tips to start your own ecommerce business, it’s easier than you think.

Family business succession

Planning for family business succession

Proper succession planning can ensure the future success of your family business.

Tips on business financial planning

Tips on business financial planning

Learn how to properly allocate your resources with these business financial planning tips.

Discussion about local marketing strategies

Local marketing tips

Find out how you can start advertising your small business locally.

How to make a SWOT analysis

How to create a SWOT analysis

Identify opportunities to grow your business by doing a SWOT analysis.

Writing a good business plan

How to write a business plan

Whether you're starting out or have run a business for years, a good business plan is essential.

Business office discussion about loss of income insurance

Loss of income insurance

Loss of income coverage can help you pay for expenses in the aftermath of a covered loss.

Is Your Business Ready to Be a Franchise?

How to start a franchise

Learn if your business is ready to take the next step by starting a franchise.

Commercial and small business fleet insurance

Starting a small business fleet

Here are some important considerations when starting your own fleet of vehicles for your business.

Teaching kids business

4 tips for teaching kids business

Here are a few fun ways to introduce your child to the world of business.

Retail business insurance

Retail business insurance

Learn what your shop needs.

Build an online store

Build an online store

Move your brick-and-mortar store online.

Pet insurance benefits

Reasons to consider pet insurance as an employee benefit

Learn how offering pet insurance as a voluntary benefit can help your small business.

Non-compete agreements and job changes

Non-compete agreements and job changes

Learn more about changing jobs when you've signed a non-compete agreement.


Reasons millennials are better prepared for running businesses

Millennials are starting business earlier and aiming for higher profits.


Tips for working with family members

Learn some tips that can help your family business run smoothly.

Understanding compassion fatigue

Understanding compassion fatigue

Find out what compassion fatigue is and how to help fight it.

inheriting family owned business

Inheriting a family business

Learn what is required to run an inherited family business.

contractors insurance

Business insurance for contractors

Learn how business insurance for contractors can help protect your contracting business.

Startup business mistakes

Ensure startup success

Here’s how to avoid five common reasons new businesses fail.

See what it takes to start a family business.

Start a successful family business

The chance to work for yourself is one of many reasons to start a family business. Here’s how to ensure generations of success.

Protect your business against fraud

5 business fraud prevention tips

Help protect your business against fraud and identity theft.

Is It Time to Hire More Employees

Is it time to hire more employees?

Growing a business often requires hiring additional employees. Learn when and how to hire the right people.

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