Short-Term Disability Insurance

Help Your Employees Stay Afloat

Would your employees be able to pay their bills if they suffered a disabling accident or illness that kept them from work for over a week?

With benefits from Nationwide Insurance, now they can.

For just pennies a day, you can provide each of your employees the ability to supplement their income if they are injured or ill, preventing them from working. Although it won't replace their entire income, it will help them stay afloat during their recovery and provide them a temporary source of income for necessary expenses, like rent, bills and groceries, until they can get back to work and earn their regular paycheck.

Why should you choose this product from Nationwide Employee Benefits over other products? Because we offer a simple, competitive and affordable benefits solution that will allow you to attract and retain valuable employees.

Short-Term Disability Plan Highlights
Disability Benefits All amounts are issued on a guaranteed basis - employees are not required to answer health questions or undergo medical underwriting to qualify for coverage.
Coverage amounts are subject to a cap of 60% of employee salary.
Benefit Options Option 1: $250 for up to 4 weeks
Option 2: $400 for up to 6 weeks
Option 3: $500 for up to 13 weeks
Option 4: $750 for up to 13 weeks
Option 5: $1,000 for up to 13 weeks
Benefits Waiting Period
(also known as "Elimination Period")
7 days – number of consecutive days the insured must be disable before benefits begin.
Definition of Disability An employee is considered to be disabled if the condition prevents the employee from performing the essential tasks of his/her own job and the employee is unable to earn more than 80% of current base salary. (Base salary excludes overtime pay, commissions and extra compensation.)
Covered Disabilities Non-occupational disabilities only.
Maternity Covered like any illness.
Coverage Available Employee only.
Preexisting Condition Exclusion 3/12 - pre-existing condition is an illness or injury for which you received treatment within the 3 months prior to your effective date of coverage. Disabilities that occur during the first 12 months of coverage due to a pre-existing condition are excluded.
Additional Services Travel Assistance
When you are traveling 100+ miles from home, emergency medical assistance and travel services are available 24 hours a day.

Employee Assistance Program
Confidential work and personal-support services available online and via telephone; face-to-face counseling may be available if qualifying event occurs (e.g., death or disability of insured).

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