Social Media Tips

Guide to Protecting Personal Information on Social Media

Social media sites, outlets and applications have become popular means of communication, interaction and expression in the Digital Age. While social media platforms provide a number of benefits for users — communicating with friends, advertising products and sharing content — they can also arm scammers with personal information for committing identity theft. Even seemingly harmless posts could help criminals crack passwords, steal identities and commit burglary. 

Downsides to social media sharing

Social media platforms are designed to encourage communication, but criminals can tap into this connectivity for illegal purposes. Consider the following commonly used features:

Using social media safely

To reduce the chance that someone will use information you’ve posted on social media to steal your identity or burglarize your home, remember the following: 

Social media sites connect users in extraordinary ways, allowing people to communicate and share information like never before. But with that connectivity comes risks. Thankfully, by being mindful of the posts you share, you can help keep your personal information out of the wrong hands.

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