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Nationwide Is Proud to Team Up With VCU Alumni

Nationwide recognizes the importance of groups that bring people together to celebrate common interests. We also recognize that there’s no better way to give you outstanding service than to partner with the organizations that are close to your heart.

Nationwide and VCU Alumni

As a VCU graduate, you have the opportunity for a special relationship with your university through your support and participation with the alumni organization. VCU Alumni advances the university by building active support, commitment, involvement and recognition of alumni, students and faculty, as well as community and business partners.

Partnering with institutions that bring alumni exclusive benefits for a variety of products and services is just another way to improve the alumni experience. Partnering with Nationwide Insurance allows VCU Alumni to reward alumni with quality insurance at special rates not available to the general public.

In addition to the alumni benefits, these partnerships also benefit VCU Alumni by generating additional revenue to support VCU Alumni when alumni purchase products offered by partner organizations.

Thank you for considering Nationwide, and for supporting VCU Alumni. Your dedication makes a difference. For everything you need to stay connected to your alma mater, visit VCU Alumni online.

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