Buy a Visa® Gift Card

If card number starts with 40206: 1-800-847-3473 If card number starts with 43086: 1-866-236-7969

Buy a Visa Gift Card - It's the Perfect Gift for Any Occasion

Your friends and family will enjoy getting Visa Gift Cards anytime. It’s a great way to say happy birthday, happy holidays, thank you and congratulations.

You can personalize our Visa Gift Cards to make your gift extra special. A Visa Gift Card can be used at any global location that accepts Visa. Conveniently buy the prepaid card online, or if you’re a recipient, activate your own Visa Gift Card below.

About Visa gift cards


The Nationwide Bank Visa Gift Card offers great features, such as:

Also, you can have the prepaid Visa Gift Card mailed to you or directly to the recipient. The card will come with easy-to-follow directions on how to activate it.


When will the Visa Gift Card be shipped?

Your prepaid Visa Gift Card will be shipped first-class and delivered in 7 to 10 business days.

How can I find the balance of my Visa Gift Card?

You can review your Visa Gift Card balance and recent transaction activity by calling us toll-free at:

Will my Visa Gift Card lose value if I don't use it?

After 12 months of no account activity, an inactivity fee of $5 will be assessed each month. This fee will be assessed until the balance on the card reaches $0.00.

Where can I use my Nationwide Bank Visa Gift Card?

The Nationwide Bank Visa Gift Card can be used wherever Visa debit is accepted – in retail stores, over the phone and online. Follow these tips to make sure you get the most from your Visa Gift Card:

What happens if my Visa Gift Card is lost or stolen?

Immediately report any problems with your Visa Gift Card by calling:

A replacement prepaid Visa Gift Card will be issued if you provide the card number. Any available balance will be transferred to the new gift card, less a $10 replacement card fee that will be deducted from the Visa Gift Card's available balance.

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