Property Claims: Water Damage to Your Home
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Water Damage to Your Home

Providing help and protection when water damages your home

A leaking hot water heater or burst water pipe can quickly damage your home and belongings, as well as trigger mold growth.

Because water damage may be hidden behind walls, under carpets and in unseen areas, clean-up should be handled as quickly as possible and oftentimes by a professional.

Nationwide has the experience and the expertise to assist you in minimizing the damage, help you restore your home and get your life back to normal quickly. 

What to do if you discover water damage

First things first

Before the professionals arrive

Talk to the claims representative about what you should and should not do before the clean-up team arrives.

Document your water damage

How the clean-up process works

Depending on the extent of the water damage, the clean-up team will:

How the claims process works

The claims representative will review your insurance policy and explain the coverages that apply.

Once your claim has been verified as being covered, Nationwide will arrange for payment for clean-up and restoration services. 

We’ll reimburse you for any covered property destroyed or damaged by water, minus any deductible amount you’re responsible for paying. The payment you receive is based on the coverage you purchased and the severity of the damage.

Based on the circumstances of your claim, you can choose how you receive this payment: direct deposit to your bank account, on a Visa® debit card or by check.

Learn more about our property claims process

Water damage vs. flood damage

Homeowners insurance typically covers basic water damage caused by overflow or accidental discharge of water from within your home, including sewer backups.

This is not the same as flood insurance. Flood insurance is offered by the National Flood Insurance Program to pay losses from floods associated with heavy rains, hurricanes, tropical storms and other severe weather situations.

Available to homeowners, condo owners and renters, federal flood insurance typically covers the repair or replacement of your home, appliances and personal belongings, as well as removal of flood debris.

Protect your home from water damage

Preventative fixes

Regular maintenance

Get in the habit

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