Fire prevention tips
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Learn about wildfire safety and fire prevention tips

fire prevention tips

The combination of increased risk and high-value assets makes fire protection at farms and ranches a high priority. The first step in minimizing the fire and wildfire risk is increased knowledge and awareness.

It's never too early to prepare. Take several basic steps right now to protect your family, farm/ranch and property from disaster.

Wildfire prevention tips

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Basic fire prevention preparation

Farm buildings and residences

Machinery and tractors

Flammable and combustible materials

Open burning

Protecting your property from wildfire hazards

Regional wildfire safety and risk management guides

Wildfire risks can vary from region to region due to variations in topography, climate and vegetation. To help property owners better understand their risks, the Insurance Institute for Business & Home Safety developed the following guides to help property owners assess their wildfire risk:

Wildfire safety and risk management brochures

Learn how to create defensible space and decrease wildfire risk around your property with the following quick reference brochures:

Learn more about protecting your business from wildfires.

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