Winter car-prep tips

10 Tips to winterize a classic car

A classic car is an investment — one that needs protection during the harsh winter months. When the air turns cold and it’s time to think about classic car storage, these 10 tips will help prep your vehicle and make sure it's ready to ride when spring arrives.

  • Oil and filter

    Store the car with fresh oil and a new air filter to help keep contaminants to a minimum.

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  • Clean

    Wash and wax the exterior of the car to help prevent scratches. Remove interior dirt and crumbs to help keep rodents out.

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  • Add fuel

    Fill the gas tank with premium gas and add a fuel stabilizer. Run it through the engine to help prevent corrosion and keep the gas from clumping.

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  • Increase tire pressure

    Overinflate the tires by 2–5 PSI before storing the classic car to compensate for air loss and help prevent flat spots.

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  • Keep pests out

    Wrap aluminum foil over the air cleaner and exhaust pipe and secure it with tape to help keep insects and vermin out of the car.

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  • Keep moisture out

    Add boxes of open baking soda to the trunk and floor of the car to absorb moisture and help prevent a musty smell.

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  • Unhook the battery

    Disconnect the negative battery cable and attach it to a trickle charger to help ensure the car starts after winter.

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  • Don't set the parking brake

    Setting the parking brake could fuse the pads to the rotors. Instead, put chocks, or tire stoppers, against the wheels to keep the car from moving.

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  • Store indoors

    Keep classic cars out of the elements by storing them in a residential garage or a covered rental unit.

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  • Maintain insurance

    Just because the car is in storage doesn't mean insurance isn't needed. Unforeseen events like theft or damage are still possible.

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