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What's happening?

In a phased approach, your in-force policies with Nationwide will transition from old systems into the new account management system at the policy renewal effective date.

How it happens

Your in-force Commercial and/or Farm policies can begin transitioning to the new system as early as 120 days prior to the renewal effective date. For dates specific to the states you do business, review the Commercial or Farm timeline.

Commercial Lines Transformation

Examples of customer and agent notices

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What is the difference between ClearQuote® and Policy Center?
The new platforms make quoting and servicing policies easy. ClearQuote is the quoting platform where you’ll quote all commercial and farm business going forward. Once you’ve written a policy, it will reside on PolicyCenter, the policy administration system where you can quote and make changes.

When will ClearQuote and PolicyCenter become available where I do business?
Both ClearQuote and PolicyCenter are released to you on a state-by-state basis. Use the state-rollout schedule to view specifics. We’ll notify you when a state where you do business can start quoting and servicing on the new platforms.

Are all products available for quoting when ClearQuote is released to my state?
It depends. In many states, commercial products will be released in phases. View the state-release schedule to understand when products will become available to you for quoting.

What happens to my existing policies on the former platforms?
We’ll move your existing business to the new platform. In most states, this process begins 120 days prior to a policy’s expiration date. We’ll notify you when policies successfully move. In the unlikely case we need additional information to move the policy, we’ll reach out to you.

What changes are made to policies as they move?
Now that all policies will reside on one platform, we’re able to make our products more consistent. This means there may be coverage changes now, but you’ll see more predictability and stable pricing in the long run. See the Commercial policy comparison and Farm policy comparison documents, under Product resources, for more information.

Important Notices noting changes specific to the renewal will be included with renewal policy print. If you have specific product questions related to an account, please contact your underwriter.

Where can I view the new PolicyCenter number if I only have the former account number?
When you look up the former account number in Agent Center, the PolicyCenter account number will also be displayed.

Will location and building numbers stay the same as policies move?
No. Locations and buildings will be renumbered when the policy moves to PolicyCenter and updated at each renewal as items are added and removed.
Expiring policy locations and building numbers will be visible in PolicyCenter in the Building Schedule in the Legacy Building Number and Legacy Location Number fields.

Vehicles will also be renumbered with cross-referencing in PolicyCenter.

When can I start working on PolicyCenter renewals?
You’ll receive notification of the PolicyCenter account number when it is successfully created. If manual updates are required to move the account, the account will not be accessible until after the manual updates are completed.

We recommend waiting until 90 days prior to expiration to start your renewal review.

Will the Policy number of the legacy account be the same once it migrates over to PolicyCenter?
For PCIO, the first 2 and last 7 digits of the policy and account numbers will remain the same. Policy Prefix B will change. The account dec number will be changed to zero. The policy dec number will be raised by 1 from the expiring term on Legacy. (Example: ACP BPS 3011234567 becomes Account ACP 3001234567 and Policy BP013021234567). For Harleysville, the account and policy numbers will be a new PolicyCenter number with a zero dec number.

All farm accounts will now begin with the prefix FPK. The first 2 and last 7 digits of the policy and account numbers will remain the same. Policy Prefix B will change and the account Dec number will be changed to zero. The policy Dec number will be raised by 1 from the expiring term on the old system. Use this guide to learn more about farm policy number structure.

Where can I see the new PolicyCenter number if I only have the Legacy number?
When you look up the legacy account number in Agent Center, the PolicyCenter account number will also be displayed.

Will my customers be notified when their policies move to PolicyCenter?
Yes. In most states we’re required to provide legal notice to your customers, because a change in underwriting company will be occurring. Letters will be sent to them 65 days prior to their renewal effective date to inform them of the company change and any policy changes. See examples of commercial and farm notices.

Does the customer need to choose a new billing pay plan when their policy moves?
No, the pay plan on flex stays the same.

Are agency print options still available?
Yes, but they will no longer be available on Agent Center policy viewer. Follow these steps to find them on PolicyCenter.

  1. Log in to PolicyCenter, then look up the account.
  2. On the Account Summary page, click Policy Group on the left.
  3. Click on the policy you want.
  4. On the left side, click Forms.
  5. Look for Declarations and click View. Note: The line of business will appear before the word Declarations.

Will the billing account number remain the same once it moves to PolicyCenter?
Yes, the flex billing number will be the same.

If I make a change on a legacy policy, will that change automatically be made on the new PolicyCenter policy?
No. If you need to make change on a legacy policy that has migrated to PolicyCenter, a change will also be needed on the PolicyCenter policy. We recommend emailing a change request for both accounts to ensure proper handling.

What is Premium Capping?
During migration, PolicyCenter will determine a premium cap (% increase or decrease) by calculating the change in premium from the expiring policy period (including discretionary pricing) and comparing this to the full-term premium on the migrated policy.

Does the capping factor vary by state and line of business?
Yes, the capping factor will vary by state and is subject to state regulation and approval. Premium Stability is planned for every state and line of business except Workers’ Compensation and Inland Marine.

Will discretionary pricing be an option on a migrated renewal?
Yes, after the capping factor is applied, discretionary pricing can be applied where indicated. Both underwriters and agents can evaluate the policy and account for indicated discretionary pricing adjustments. Agents have the authority to apply credits/debits up to a limit, so long as justified.

If changes/amendments are made to an account, does the capping factor still apply?
Yes, once the capping factor is set on a renewal, that capping factor is applied as premium- bearing changes are made to the account. The capping factor will remain in effect on the policy until the next policy renewal, at which time premium capping will be recalculated.

How long will the capping factor apply?
Premium capping magnitude (% increase/decrease) and duration (# terms) is subject to individual state department of insurance oversight and regulation. On average rate capping will last 3 years. Some states mandate a maximum of 2 years while others will allow up to 5.

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