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Rollout schedule: Customers and products supported

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Nationwide Express is available in most states with the remainder expected to roll out in 2021. Speak with your Personal Lines Territory or Sales Manager to see if Nationwide Express is available in your state.

Standard Auto, Home, Condo, Renters & Umbrella are available today.

  1. Agent Center: You can start and retrieve quotes directly from "Get A Quote" under Personal/Start a Quote
  2. Nationwide Mobile App (On iOS devices): Available in 31 states to capture quotes or leads on the go in as little as 1 min
  3. Comparative Rater Bridging: Bridging from EZLynx and PL Rating is available in most states with the remainder expected to roll out in 2021
  1. Customers who are willing to:
    • Purchase a new green business Nationwide policy
    • Purchase standard products only
    • Pay with electronic funds transfer (EFT), escrow and/or credit card
    • Accept paperless delivery of policy and billing documents
  2. Customers who do not have:
    • Insurance lapses or self-reported violations
    • Business or farm use of vehicle
    • Vehicle customizations or prior damage
    • Alternate garaging address
    • Excluded drivers
For now, use PolicyCenter for sales to existing Nationwide members.
You may review our Credit and Privacy Policy by following this Privacy Policy link which describes Nationwide’s use of collected information. These policies should be read to the customer before any personal information is collected and any reports are run.

When should agents use Nationwide Express?

Nationwide Express is designed to be the front-end application to write personal lines policies with Nationwide. Consider starting every Standard Auto, Home, Condo and Renters quote in Nationwide Express. You can bind most personal lines sales in Nationwide Express, but if you need to finish the sales in PolicyCenter due to policy needs, information pre-fill from Express can save you time.
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Nationwide Express was designed to be a simpler, faster way to sell the majority of Nationwide's personal lines business because simplicity is important to agents and customers. We believe agents who use Nationwide Express can save time during less complicated sales scenarios by binding with Express and save time during more complex scenarios by letting Express do the work of filling out as many PolicyCenter fields as possible.
The system will automatically route you to a Nationwide Express landing page when the quote is eligible.  Agents will be prompted for their agency and producer  information which will allow them to continue to the Nationwide Express sales process.
Yes. Nationwide Express is not replacing PolicyCenter. We believe the vast majority of new customers can be written with Nationwide Express. If a policy has more complex needs, the quote will bridge to PolicyCenter. In addition, PolicyCenter will continue to be the platform for policy servicing and administrative operations.
There are some cases where Nationwide Express may not have the options an agent needs to complete the sale. In those cases, agents can easily pivot to PolicyCenter from Nationwide Express by clicking the hyperlinked submission ID at the top corner of most pages in the application.
If you pivot to PolicyCenter from Nationwide Express, the quote may appear blank in some cases. Click “Quote” in the upper left-hand corner if the button is available. If the “Quote” button appears unavailable, click “Back” or “Next” and become clickable.

Creating a quote: How to start

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Fully licensed agents with PolicyCenter access can launch Nationwide Express through Agent Center Workspace if they were previously registered at You can also bridge directly to Nationwide Express through EZLynx and PL Rating. This feature is available in most states with the remainder expected to roll out in 2021.
Whether Nationwide Express or PolicyCenter, quotes can been started and retrieved from Get a Quote on Agent Center. Click "Retrieve" under Nationwide Express on the Agent Center "Get a Quote" tab.
We use Marshall & Swift/Boeckh (MSB) to rate Homeowners. If we are unable to get information from MSB for a customer, agents are prompted to manually enter the information to facilitate quote and bind. This value should be the same in Nationwide Express and PolicyCenter.
If edits to the MSB report are required, bridge to PolicyCenter by clicking the submission ID at the top right of the page. In some cases, you may need to rerun the MSB report to enable the ability to conduct edits.
Reconstruction costs are calculated automatically between the initial quote page and the bindable rate page. To edit the home’s value, go to the Homeowners tab and change the valuation within the “Dwelling” field on the bindable rate page.
Consumer reports are automatically run and in-app messaging provides visibility into this process. If you need to review a report in more detail, bridge to PolicyCenter by clicking the submission ID at the top right of the page, ideally from the Bindable Rate Page.
Nationwide Express has the same coastal guidelines as PolicyCenter today. Coastal property, if eligible, can be written using PolicyCenter.
We make all underwriting-related calls made by PolicyCenter. Interactions with Underwriting are the same whether an agent uses PolicyCenter or Nationwide Express.
Click “Add” for each of the vehicles and drivers returned from third-party data sources that you wish to quote. Vehicles and drivers can also be manually added if they haven’t been returned from third-party data sources.
As with PolicyCenter, Nationwide Express displays an initial quote that does not include the Auto Loss History, Property Loss History or MVR. Shortly after entering the driver’s license, and/or responding to the UW questions, a rate that includes all reports used by PolicyCenter is displayed.

Customizing and completing a quote

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Agents can use their Producer Code to set auto coverage defaults in PolicyCenter. This information flows into Nationwide Express.

Coverages listed in Nationwide Express are editable. All PolicyCenter coverages are displayed EXCEPT:

  • Extended Non-Owner
  • Use of Other Auto
  • North Carolina only:
    • Automobile Death Benefit
    • Total Disability Coverage
  • Earthquake and related coverages
  • Valuables Plus®  
  • Building Theft Materials 
  • Additional Dwelling Units Owned Not Rented 
  • Additional Residences Rented to Others 
  • Structures Rented to Others --- Residence Premises

Most discounts automatically populate based on the customer profile, including all state-mandated and vehicle-related discounts. Agents should inform customers of available discounts and use PolicyCenter for sales if the customer is eligible for, and interested in receiving, additional discounts not currently offered using Nationwide Express.

Below is a list of discounts currently offered through Nationwide Express. Applied discounts are displayed under Auto Summary, Home Summary and Renters Summary on the Coverages page(s).

SmartRide® or SmartMiles® are automatically applied to each vehicle where available based on program rules and vehicle mileage. Agent can opt customers out of these programs by clicking a button.  If comparative rater users have telematics enabled, Nationwide Express will apply SmartRide or SmartMiles where available.

The Paperless Policy discount is defaulted for all customers. Customers lose this discount if they do not complete the online account registration process and consent to the electronic agreement within 30 days of purchasing a policy. Customers who do not complete their online account registration will receive emails 7 and 15 days after purchase, reminding them to complete their online account registration. During the online account registration process, customers must consent to the electronic agreement.

Auto: Accident Free, Advance Quote, Anti-Theft Device, Defensive Driving Course, Farm Bureau, Home and Car, New Vehicle, Paperless Policy, Passive Restraint, REFT, Select, SmartRide

Home: Age of Construction, Age of Insured, Home and Car, Multi -Line, Home Purchase, Windstorm Protective Device


Renters: Associate, Claims Free, Home and Car, Multi-Line, Multi -Policy

* Discount availability varies by state.

Completing the sale

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Customers should confirm the accuracy of the application before submitting. Because accurate information is so vital, we recommend that you review the application. Most of the information prefilled during the sales flow can be manually overwritten by agents during the process.
The correct vehicle identification number (VIN) is needed to bind auto policies in Nationwide Express. If you need to change a VIN entered into Nationwide Express, restart Nationwide Express and enter the correct VIN or pivot to PolicyCenter to change the VIN.
In multi-policy bind scenarios that do not involve escrow, we use a post-bind process to put the policies onto a single billing account before the initial monthly bill is sent to the customer.
Policies sold through Nationwide Express will transfer to PolicyCenter for updates and servicing. Additionally, customers can utilize and the Nationwide Mobile app for self-service.
We automatically send the application and all related trailing documents to the customer’s email address at the end of the sales flow.
All post-bind activities are conducted in Nationwide Express just as they are in PolicyCenter.
If a customer wants paper documents, use PolicyCenter to complete the sale or have the customer make the change using self-service after the sale.


Agents can ask questions within Nationwide Express or by sending an email to
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Click on the word "Feedback" on any page or email to share your feedback with the project team.
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Access Nationwide Express through Agent Center to start quoting.