Nationwide Express® is delivering a differentiating new capability for independent agents: the ability to sell auto insurance online and get credit for that sale.

How does it work?

The Nationwide Express agent private label is a version of Nationwide Express delivered via a customized website for each participating agency. The custom website has a direct link to Nationwide Express so customers can complete the entire sales process online 24/7 (quote, bind and pay) with that agency getting full credit for the sale.

Delivery timeline

Nationwide is testing the Nationwide Express agent direct link so we can learn the right approach for bringing this to market on a full-scale basis.

Benefits of the agent private label


Direct online sales

Sell online directly to customers 24/7 and get credit for every sale. Attract the increasing number of insurance consumers who are comfortable purchasing insurance online, and keep your brand front and center.


More targeted remarketing

Use data and alerts to remarket to customers in your online quote funnel. Use Marketing Central to access customizable, co-branded marketing tactics and campaigns.


Better lead generation

Leverage your existing network to generate new leads. Your agency’s co-branded website link can be placed on partner sites, such as for real estate agents or car dealerships, and you’ll get credit for every policy sold.

Digital marketing resources to leverage your private label


Utilize our customizable marketing tactics to showcase your brand online.

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Use your direct link to enhance relationships with local real estate agents and car dealerships.

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See how the direct link makes it easier than ever to grow your referral business.

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