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How to provide support for policies enrolled in SmartRide.

How does it work?

Nationwide rewards safe driving. Customers can easily participate with the SmartRide app, which can be activated in 5 minutes. There’s no device required.

10% participation discount, Up to 40% off premium, Personalized feedback on driving habits

In Virginia, the discount may decrease at renewal based on changes in driving behavior.

SmartRide measures four factors

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Miles driven

The number of miles driven during a trip

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Hard braking/fast acceleration

Measures sudden decreases and increases in speed. This could be a sign of aggressive driving.

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Night driving

Driving between midnight and 5 a.m.

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Idle time

The length of time stopped during a trip

How customers use the SmartRide app

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number 1 iconAfter enrolling, the customer downloads and activates the app.

number 2 iconThe customer continues to drive as they normally do and confirms their first few trips.

number 3 iconCustomers should check the app often to see their progress and track their discount.

number 4 iconAt the end of the program, the customer will lock in their final discount. We'll apply the discount2 at their next policy renewal.

Use this guide to get customers started on the SmartRide app quickly and easily — activation takes just 5 minutes.

SmartRide & connected car

Customers who have an eligible connected car that measures driving behavior can simply use their vehicle to participate.
Connected car details

What kinds of discounts can customers expect?3

21 percent is the average discount earned
86 percent of customers who participate in SmartRide earn a higher discount than the participation discount by the end of the program
97 percent of customers who participate in SmartRide earn a discount at the end of the program

Overcoming customer objections

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I work graveyard shift so drive at night.
Someone who drives at night shouldn’t automatically be discouraged from participating in SmartRide. Nighttime driving is 1 of the 4 factors used to calculate the SmartRide discount. Someone who drives at night could still earn a discount that’s higher than the participation discount, if they perform well in the other 3 metrics.

I wonder how my data is collected and used. (answer should help with big brother and claims concern)
The data is only used for research and analytical purposes, related to the SmartRide program. The data is not sold to 3rd parties for marketing purposes. However, similar to other types of personal data Nationwide may share the data as permitted or required by law pursuant to a subpoena, court order, law enforcement or regulatory inquiry, or some other duly authorized data request. Nationwide and/or you may be legally required to provide the data to others who may use it in an accident investigation and/or litigation. Also, we only keep the data for as long as it’s legally required.

I don’t understand how it tracks my driving and why those factors are important.
Visit this page to find out what the program measures and why they are important to determine driving behavior:

There have been a lot of data breaches in the news and I am concerned about privacy.
Nationwide takes data privacy very seriously, and has dedicated resources to ensure personal data is protected.

Telematics systems are complicated to install and use.
Participation in SmartRide is really simple. Customers have the choice between installing a small device in their vehicle, which takes less than a minute, or downloading and activating a mobile app. Here are some videos:

There’s no reason to encourage agents or members to use mobile.
There are many benefits for choosing the SmartRide Mobile app over device:

  • The discount applies to all vehicles on the policy
  • There aren’t any pesky device logistic issues or “non-compatible” vehicles! After enrollment, customers can download the app and start participating immediately.

Device customers earn a larger discount than mobile participants.
Our data shows the earned discount is the same for device and mobile participants.

SmartRide mobile requires a tech-savvy user.
Anyone who is familiar with smartphone apps (google maps, Waze, activity trackers, etc.), will be able to successfully activate and use the SmartRide app.

Mobile will negatively impact our members’ phone data usage.
The SmartRide app uses very little data to transmit trip data, and uses Wi-Fi networks when available. 

Using the mobile app will be a privacy concern for members (because of GPS)
Members already use other apps that use GPS (Google Maps). The SmartRide app uses location to measure behavior but unlike Google, it does not sell or use this data to 3rd parties for marketing purposes. Both the mobile app and the device support mapping functionality through GPS.

SmartRide mobile will drain our members’ phone battery.
Battery usage is similar to Google Maps, Waze or other GPS-enabled applications. If a member drives a lot, we recommend they charge their phone while driving. Keep in mind the usage of the app is limited to the 4 -6-month participation period. Members can uninstall the app when they finalize the program.

The mobile app will capture trips when our member is the passenger (not the driver).
The app is 80% accurate identifying the trips. When it occasionally misidentifies a trip, members can mark that trip as a passenger, so it doesn’t take it into consideration.

See how the Jeff James Agency incorporates telematics into their sales process and overcomes objections.

Marketing resources

Visit our social media platform and Marketing Central to get the latest usage-based content to share with customers. Search “SmartRide” to access these materials.

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1 Based on national data from Sept 2021 through Aug 2022 (Excluding CA).

2 SmartRide program criteria differ in California and North Carolina. Stated discounts are approximations. Discounts do not apply to all coverage elements; actual savings vary by state, coverage selections, rating factors and policy changes. Enrollment discount applies during data collection; final discount is calculated on driving behavior and could be zero. Final discount applies at the next policy renewal and is subject to change based upon actuarial support at subsequent renewals or with changes in drivers or vehicles on the policy.

3 Based on national data (January 2019 through April 2020).