Land As Your Legacy transition planning for farmers and ranchers

Since our founding in 1926 by the Ohio Farm Bureau, Nationwide has had a special bond with American farmers and ranchers. We protect the financial security of farms, families and futures with extraordinary care. We’re focused on helping you protect your farm for generations to come. A Land As Your Legacy transition plan can help.

Our team of legal and tax professionals can help ensure the successful transition of a family business from one generation to the next and preserve the legacy that’s been built.

Plan a promising future

Our Land As Your Legacy team partners with your team of financial, legal and tax professionals to help plan a promising future for your family farm or ranch. At no cost to you, we will develop a transition plan focused on helping you protect the future for your business and your family.

Program Overview

Watch our video about the Land As Your Legacy program and the transition planning process.

Meet the team

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With outstanding credentials and access to a wide variety of tools, strategies and products, we can help position you and your farm or ranch for a successful transition of your family business. Our team of specialists can help you build a personalized plan.

Meet the team

See how our plans can help

Access our transition planning checklist to help you gather items to bring.

Families who know

Hear from families who have achieved peace of mind through legacy planning.

A multigenerational greenhouse

Patty and Mike Boyert scale back their hours and plan to hand down their business.

Passing along your operation

Dale Earnhardt Jr. shares how you can prepare for a successful transition with help from Nationwide.

Continue your family's legacy

Dale Jr. shares the rewards of a family legacy and how to start the conversation with your family.

Financial solutions and support for you and your family

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