CountryChoice Small Farm Insurance
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Farm Insurance Coverage for Small Farms Ranches and Rural Acreage

Many people who own smaller farms or ranches or rural acreages believe their homeowners insurance will provide the protection they need. While this may be true, here’s a general rule of thumb: Tractors and other farm equipment, and outbuildings like barns, storage sheds or maintenance buildings typically require separate coverage.

CountryChoice protects smaller farms, ranches or acreages like yours. You have special risks, but you don’t need the same levels of coverage a production farm or ranch would.

In addition to coverage for the basics, like homeowners, property and liability insurance, this specialized insurance policy offers coverages for:

Optional CountryChoice liability coverages are available for:

To design a CountryChoice policy that’s just right for your farm, ranch or acreage, talk to a farm insurance agent.

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