Workers’ Compensation Customer Portal

At Nationwide, we make it easy to report and manage your workers’ compensation claim online.


Register for our online service tool, available 24/7, by following these steps:

  1. Visit our Workers’ Compensation Customer Portal.1
  2. Select “Register.”
  3. Fill in all required fields.2
  4. Select “Submit.”
  5. You’ll receive an email confirming your registration along with a user guide.

Account management

Manage your account and perform a variety of tasks online with ease:


  • Generate static loss run reports on demand
  • Customize loss data information into a comprehensive analysis

View your policy

  • Review your coverages and endorsement activity for the past 2 years


  • Report a new claim3
  • Provide claim documentation
  • Check claim status
  • Find contact information for your claims representative
  • View the claims representative’s notes
  • Review claim payments

Alternative claims reporting

Before you report a claim, complete the employer’s First Report of Injury that came with your policy and provide any other information. The more information we have upfront, the better we can serve you.

Once your loss is reported, one of our claims representatives will contact you.

[1] When you click on the Workers’ Compensation Customer Portal, the title of the portal will read “Agribusiness Commercial Customer Login.” However, rest assured, you are accessing the correct portal for workers’ compensation customers.
[2] Your client number is the 6-digit numeric portion of your policy number located on your workers’ compensation policy. Select all “access groups.”
[3] When submitting a claim, include a First Report of Injury plus any supporting documents that may apply.